Feriae Latinae (Nova Roma)

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See also: Feriae Latinae in Roma Antiqua.


Aelius Solaris Marullinus, acting as Magister Populi Feriarum Latinarum causa on behalf of consules M. Moravius Piscinus and T. Iulius Sabinus, re-established the rites of Jupiter Latiaris on Mont Albano at the Feriae Latinae. Rites for Jupiter Latiaris were held by the Temple Religio Romana in Oregon and by Religio Terranova in the Philadelphia, Pa. area; officials and members of Nova Roma, the Societas Via Romana and The Roman Way met to celebrate the Feriae Latinae and Parilia in Austin, Texas; and others joined in the rites to Jupiter Latiaris in other parts of the world, making this year's Feriae Latinae the first global celebration organised by Nova Roma to be joined in by other Roman organizations. Appropriately for a celebration of ancient alliances, most of the participants were concurrent members of Nova Roma and at least one other such group.

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