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CIV-Tiberius Horatius Barbatus.jpg Tiberius Horatius Barbatus

Candidate for Tribunus Plebis.
Album Civium


Salvete, Citizens of Nova Roma !

I don the toga candida to address you, my fellow citizens, presenting my candidacy for the Tribunus Plebis in MMDCCLXII A•V•C (2009 CE)

I am Tiberius Horatius Barbatus. I am the sum of my experiences. A man of blended heritage, a husband (again), an adopted son, a father (4 children), a grandfather (11 grandchildren), a soldier (retired), a police officer (retired), a living historian, a lover of music and science fiction, an aspiriing writer, a fencer, a target shooter, a horseback rider. Centered, calm and confortable with my existence. I am 52 year old, born and raised in the Provincia Lacus Magni (Ohio Regio) and now a Nova Roman citizen of Provincia Nova Britannia, and resident of the Massachusetts Regio. I am of the Gens Horatia and the Tribus Poblilia, of Assiduus status and from the plebeian order.

I am a very new citizen – having become one on IV Kal. Dec. MMDCCLX a.u.c. (28 November 2007). As a citizen and resident of Provincia Nova Britannia, I have the honor to be Scriba Propraetoris and Legate Massachusetts Regio. In these positions, I've been present at all activities organized in the province, visiting and analyzing the roman objectives in my area of interests. I have also learned a great deal as the Adiutore Cornicularium of LEGIO III CYRENAICA, a sponsored Legion of Nova Roma.

I currently manage a small team of Senior Analysts in the Provider Technology Operations Group for a regional health insurance. Prior to that, I served as a police officer in Ohio, for 18 years. In my other interests and organizations, I have been instrumental in creating and organizing new groups, which have flourished and prospered in their various historic genres. I believe these organizational skills and my enthsuisasm can help further develop Nova Roma. I would like to increase my participation in Nova Roma to include the functions of Tribunus Plebis, where, as a plebian myself, I believe I will be able to help fellow citizens expedite their way to learning, living, and enjoying more of what Nova Roma has to offer by providing them an additional voice in government with a careful eye to the virtues of Nova Roma

Achievements in my home province:

We need to encourage the citizens of Nova Roma to be more active and participate in the further development of Nova Roman. This will make NR more visible to the general public and the outside world at large, which will increase membership. To motivate the citizenry to participate, we need to encourage more face to face meetings Provincially, as well as larger gatherings.

We need to strengthen our government - especially the Consuls and the Magistrates’ ability to perform the necessary actions to bring the organization forward. The two consuls should be the leaders of Nova Roma, the senate acting as their consulting body and the tribunes utilizing the power to protect the rights of the citizens, according to the constitution of Nova Roma.

As tribunus plebis I will work to represent and protect the rights of the citizens, as well as interpret their desires to the senate. I will work to improve communications to the people, encouraging a better understanding of Nova Roma and more importantly to encourage more communications with each other. I believe this important office of Nova Roma will allow me the opportunity to help make any necessary changes, as well as suggest innovative ideas for further growth.

I will fill the gap in experience with my ability to learn and listen, with a strong desire to strengthen our republic. With this in mind, I will work to thoroughly familiarize myself with the laws of Nova Roma I promise you, that I will be a very active Tribunus Plebis for the benefit of the people of Nova Roma.

Citizens, on these grounds I would like to ask for your votes as Tribunus Plebis, and humbly request that you favorably regard my offer to serve as your Tribunus Plebis.

Di vos incolumes custodiant

Tiberius Horatius Barbatus

  • Legate Massachusetts Regio, Provincia Nova Britannia,
  • Scriba Propraetoris,
  • Tribunus Plebis Candidatus
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