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Notice: During the month of August, applications for citizenship may be delayed for up to 30 days.

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What is a Nova Roma citizen?

Simply, they are the members of the Nova Roma corporation. Several different types of citizenship exist, with varying rights and duties under the constitution.

Regardless of citizenship, all people who identify as Romans shall be considered the spiritual members of the Nova Roman nation. There is a special emphasis of respect toward the people living in the former territory of the Roman Empire, especially those of the romance languages and nationalities, whereas the renascent Roman people, consecrated as native Romans by the Pignora Imperii, shall be the spiritual owners of Nova Roma.

However, only full citizenship grants any actual legal membership status and rights within the corporation who enjoy various rights pertaining to citizenship.

Cives Optimo Iure - Full Citizens

Defined under article II.A. of the lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda (the constitution), the full citizens of Nova Roma are those who possess the civitas Nova Romana optimo iure, they are the members of the corporation. All full right citizens have an official citizen ID account page in the album civium.

Probationary Citizens

All new registering citizens, applying for the civitas Nova Romana optimo iure, are required to complete a 90 day probationary citizenship period in accordance with the Lex Equitia de tirocinio civium novorum. Probationary citizens do not have the iura publica, the right to vote and to stand for any public office. Probationary citizens do not have a citizen account page in the album civium until they complete their probationary period.

Socii - Allied Citizens

The socii or foederati are a type of peregrini (non-citizen) who only have the socius status, a type of ally or friend. Citizens who did not answer the last census become socii and are classified as disappeared citizens, having their full citizenship rights suspended. They can restore their full citizenship status, to the civitas Nova Romana optimo iure, by sending an email to censorial office. Formally recognized allied municipalities, allied commonwealths or symbolic states and corporations of Nova Roma are defined as socii in accordance with the lex Fabia de oppidis et municipiis.

Cives Latini - Associate Citizens

Often awarded through enrolment with formally recognized Nova Roma communities, individual non-citizens (peregrini) can receive this next lesser tier of associate citizenship of the civitas Latina (Latin citizenship) with the ius Latinum also knowns as ius Latii, which grants associate status as a close partner of Nova Roma.

The formally recognized allied municipalities, allied commonwealths or symbolic states and corporations of Nova Roma, the civitas foederata may receive the ius Latinum and the grant of civitas Latina from the Senate or the Comitia as a sign of distinguished status in relation to Nova Roma, even if none of their members are a Nova Roman citizen.

Cives Sine Suffragio - Partial Citizens

The next highest tier of citizenship, above the socii and the cives latini is that of the Cives Sine Suffragio. The families of those that are cives optimo iure, and all spiritual members of the Nova Roman nation, either individuals or entire Roman communities, receive this partial citizenship, without the voting or membership rights, the civitas Nova Romana sine suffragio.

As an award or distinction for outstanding cooperation with Nova Roma, a Latin municipality can be raised by the Senate to the status of civitas Nova Romana sine suffragio. Such municipalities shall have the label civium Novorum Romanorum sine suffragio, and all of it members who are not Nova Roman citizens will automatically become cives sine suffragio.

Number of citizens

According to the last Nova Roma census, the full number of those who have legal ties to Nova Roma (full citizens, probationary citizens and socii combined) is: 5596.

  • The number of Nova Roman citizens with the civitas Nova Romana optimo iure is: 926.
  • The number of socii is: 4667.

For specific details on the number of probationary citizens, associate citizens or partial citizens, please send an email with your inquiry to the Nova Roma Censorial Office.

Deceased citizens

Those of our fellow citizens who died as citizens of Nova Roma are held in the highest respect and Nova Roma honors them as the manes of Nova Roma, never ceasing, in our prayers and rituals. There are currently 21 deceased citizens registered.

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