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Members of the Nova Roma, Inc. are citizens of the Nova Roman Republic. Nova Roman citizens enjoy various rights pertaining to citizenship.


Probationary citizens

There are a number of probationary citizens who expect the end of the 90 days probationary citizenship period. They will be soon full Nova Roman citizens.


Citizens who did not answer the last census are classified as disappeared citizens and their full citizenship rights are suspended, and instead of full citizenship, they have only a socius status. They can restore their full citizenship status by contacting the censores.

Number of citizens as of 15:32, 9 November 2010 (CET)

The full number of those who have legal ties to Nova Roma (full citizens, probationary citizens and socii combined) is: 2975.

  • The number of Nova Roman citizens is: 1206.
  • The number of probationary citizens is: 157.
  • The number of socii is: 1612.

Right to citizenship

The Constitution of Nova Roma defines the ways of obtaining and loosing citizenship:

1. Any person 18 years old or older may apply for Citizenship.
2. Citizens may apply for Citizenship on behalf of their children or legal wards (as defined by relevant macronational law) under the age of 18. Such Citizens shall be known as impuberes.
3. Citizenship is open to anyone regardless of ethnic heritage, gender, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.
4. Citizenship may be involuntarily revoked by those means that shall be established by law, or may be voluntarily relinquished by notification of the censors or by public statement before three or more witnesses.
5. Impuberes may have their Citizenship relinquished on their behalf by their parent or legal guardian (as defined by relevant macronational law) by notification of the censors or by public statement before three or more witnesses.

(From chapter II.A of the Constitution)

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