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*[[Diribitor (Nova Roma)|Diribitrix]]
*[[Diribitor (Nova Roma)|Diribitrix]]
* [[Comitia Curiata (Nova Roma)|''Lictor Curiatus'']]
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Annia Minucia Marcella
Album Civium

Born in Oberlin, OH in 1979, I've lived in many states as an army brat. After graduating highschool I joined the Army and was in for 3 yrs stationed in Hawaii. I moved to MA and joined Nova Roma in 2003, with the roman name Annia Minucia Sempronia which eventually changed to Annia Minucia Marcella to comply with the naming rules. I moved to Texas and then Florida following the birth of my daughter. Eventually I moved back to MA in 2006 and currently hold the title of Legata Pro Praetore(governor) of Nova Britannia.

Cursus Honorum

from a.d. V Id. Oct. M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.
ad a.d. XIII Kal. Sex. L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c.

Other Posts

M. Curiatio M. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXII a.u.c.
from M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.
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