Aedes Herculi

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There were many temples to Hercules:

Additionally, two large gilt bronze statues of Hercules have survived.

Hercules in the Palazzo dei Conservatori

One was found in the Forum Boarium and is now in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, Capitoline Museums, Campidoglio, Rome. It is thought to be the cult statue from the Aedes Herculi Olivarii. [1]

The discovery of another, larger bronze ("Hercules Righetti"), now in the Museo Pio-Clementino, Sala Rotunda, Vatican Museum, Rome, was described by Rodolfo Lanciani. "The colossal Hercules of the Vatican (Ercole Mastai), discovered August 8, 1864, under the foundations of Pompey's theatre, had been not only concealed, but actually buried, with the utmost care, in a kind of coffin built of solid masonry, and veneered with marble." [2] This statue was found buried under stone slabs with the inscription "FCS" ("fulgor conditum summanium". [3]

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