Aedes Herculi Olivarii

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Temple of Hercules Olivarius.
Cult statue found near the temple.
Tufa podium. Note the groove in the pavement for catching drips from the original roof.

Possibly the Aedes Herculi Olivarii (Temple of Hercules Olivarius), this circular temple stands in the Forum Boarium. It was originally built mainly of imported Pentelic marble and tufa, with later repairs of Luna marble (Roman period) and brick (Middle Ages). There are 20 columns of Corinthian order, but the Luna marble replacements and one of the original Pentelic columns have capitals of a slightly different design.

The present roof is not original. The original roof rested on a now-missing architrave, which may have been similar to that on the circular temple in Tivoli. The tall, arched windows are not original.

This coin may show this very temple.

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