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Official Language Policy

I. Due to the increasingly intermacronational nature of the Citizenship of Nova Roma, it has become necessary for the official language policy of the Republic to be defined, in such a way that acknowledges our historical antecedants, practical concerns, and] the sensibilities of all of our Citizens. To that end, this Senatus Consultum is adopted.

II. Latin is hereby adopted as the official ceremonial language of Nova Roma. As such, it shall be used in rites conducted by the curule magistrates and appointed priests of Nova Roma on behalf of the entire nation, as well as other circumstances where it may be deemed appropriate.

III. English is hereby adopted as the business language of Nova Roma's central government. As such, it shall be used in official communications from and day-to-day business conducted by the central government (defined for purposes of this proviso as the Senate and non-provincial magistrates). Other languages may be used in such communications where deemed appropriate, but an English translation must accompany such communications.

IV. The Curator Sermo shall have the authority to set language policy for those communications fora under his administration.

V. This policy does not effect in any way languages used in official or unofficial provincial fora, fora maintained by official Sodalitates, or private fora (including but not limited to email lists organized] by private Citizens).

Passed, Yes-15; No-0; Abstain-0

a.d. XVII Kal. Dec. MMDCCLIV

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