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Official Chartering of the Sodalitas Munerum

I. The Sodalitas Munerum is hereby chartered and granted the status of an official Sodalitas of Nova Roma, with all the rights, priveleges, and responsibilities attendent thereto.

II. The initial members of its Consilium ad Normas et Incolumitatis shall consist of:

  1. Quintus Fabius Maximus
  2. Lucius Mauricius Procopious
  3. Theodorus Tiberius Germanicus
  4. Flavius Vedius Germanicus
  5. Piperbarbus Ullerius Venator

III. The charter of the Sodalitas Munerum shall read as follows, and shall not be altered without the permission of the Senate:

 ] Charter of the Sodalitas Munera
 ] I. Mission Statement.
 ] The Sodalitas Munera is formed as an association of Nova Roman citizens
 ] interested in the art of gladiatorial combat and related entertainments
 ] as practiced in ancient Rome. The Sodalitas is formed for the purpose of
 ] staging such games in as safe a manner as possible while still remaining
 ] authentic and entertaining. To further that end, the Sodalitas shall
 ] facilitate research, the production of armor and weapons, training,
 ] staging games, and those other activities which are deemed to support
 ] that mission.
 ] II. Membership.
 ] Membership in the Sodalitas shall be open to any citizen of Nova Roma.
 ] Members who wish to become lanistae and start their own ludus may do so
 ] according to the processes set up by the Consilium ad Normas et
 ] Incolumitatis. No member may hold a rank title (and thus participate in
 ] munera) unless he or she is a member of a familia gladiatoria. Members
 ] may leave the Sodalitas at any time, but those having done so may not
 ] rejoin it for a period of one year. Members may go on a leave of
 ] absence at any time, subject to the rules of his or her particular
 ] ludus.
 ] III. Organization.
 ]   A. Familiae gladiatoria. Each lanista (trainer/manager) shall operate a
 ] ludus (school) for the training of gladiators and the performance of
 ] munera (gladiatorial games). All of the members of that ludus shall
 ] collectively be referred to as the "familia gladiatoria (name of
 ] lanista)". The ludus shall bear the name of the lanista who founded or
 ] currently manages it. The lanista shall have authority to determine
 ] training methods and standards, schedule and stage munera, and manage all
 ] other aspects of operation of the ludus, subject to those standards,
 ] rules, and guidelines the Consilium ad Normas et Incolumitatis shall
 ] enact.
 ]   B. Gladiators. Anyone who participates in a munera under the auspices
 ] of the Sodalitas must hold a rank classification, and be subject to the
 ] rules and guidelines set forth by the Consilium ad Normas et
 ] Incolumitatis. Gladiators shall be ranked according to the following
 ] system of titles. The Consilium ad Normas et Incolumitatis shall
 ] determine the requirements for recognition of each rank.
 ]     1. Auctorati (entry-level volunteers)
 ]     2. Magistri (masters)
 ]     3. Doctores (teachers)
 ]   C. Consilium ad Normas et Incolumitatis (Committee for Standards and
 ] Safety). Collectively, all lanistae and doctores shall form the Consilium
 ] ad Normas et Incolumitatis. The Consilium shall enact rules and
 ] guidelines to ensure that training and munera are done in a safe manner
 ] first and foremost, yet also authentic and entertaining, and shall act as
 ] a rules committee with the authority to establish rules by which actual
 ] munera shall be conducted. It shall also set standards for the ranking of
 ] gladiators and the operation of ludii and familiae gladiatoria, and shall
 ] also act as a court of arbitration for any disputes between members of
 ] the Sodalitas relating to its function. The Consilium shall set the rules
 ] by which it functions. The decisions, rules, and guidelines enacted by
 ] the Consilium shall be known as dictae (sing. dicta) and shall be
 ] published in a timely manner in such a way so as to be made available to
 ] the members of the Sodalitas.

Passed, Yes-14; No-0; Abstain-0


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