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Approval of Budget Procedure

I. This procedure replaces the previously enacted policy on expenses, but retains the principles of financial accountability contained therein. The form associated with that policy is still valid, for those who wish to use it, but is not required.

II. Elected magistrates and their appointees will be reimbursed by the Central Treasury for reasonable expenses incurred in the day-to-day operation of Nova Roma. These include, but are not limited to: printing and mailing the Eagle, hosting the Nova Roma Web site, and necessary mailing costs connected with the Censors' Office when dealing with those who lack Internet access.

III. Magistrates are expected to be frugal in the use of Nova Roma's resources, using e-mail instead of making long-distance calls, and seeking help from other Citizens rather than paying for services in the macronational marketplace. Magistrates who wish to implement more costly systems of getting their jobs done (such as saving information on paper rather then disks) are welcome to do so by private means.

IV. There will be no funds advanced to Magistrates for day-to-day expenses. To receive reimbursement, a magistrate must submit (to a Quaestor designated by the Consuls) proof of the expenditure (a receipt, not a handwritten note) and an explanation of its purpose (this may be handwritten). This must be done within 90 days of the actual expenditure, except in the case of expenses incurred before the passage of this policy.

V. The Quaestor will approve such a request for payment, or will ask for further information. If the Quaestor cannot determine from the information available that the expense is genuine, reasonable and in keeping with Nova Roma's budget, he or she will refer it to the Senate.

VI. In disputes regarding expenses, the Senate may be asked to adjudicate or to appoint a disinterested party to do so. Such decision will be final.

VII. In the case of an expense which is not provided for in Nova Roma's budget, the Senate will consider the matter as a special project, and will handle it as outlined below.

VIII. Reimbursement for expenses occurred in special projects (including but not limited to) new Macellum products; public-service projects, outreach efforts; as well as Special Events, must be approved by the Senate, approval being based on a statement from the applicant with an estimate of the costs involved and the benefits to Nova Roma of the project's implementation. Such an application will be viewed more favorably if it is in keeping with the goals of Nova Roma (as stated on our Web site and in our literature), provides detailed and specific information on anticipated costs, and promises to be successful in achieving its goals.

IX. If funds are promised, the Senate will decide if the money should be advanced to the applicant or withheld until completion. In either case the applicant upon completing the project will submit all receipts as indicated in the original estimate. The amount of reimbursement will be limited to the received receipts. Missing receipts will receive no reimbursement, and if money was advanced will have to repaid to the Treasury .

X. If the project appears to be going over approved budget, the applicant may return to the Senate and ask for additional money. The Senate is not obligated to give any additional money.

XI. The applicant is expected to complete project on unless a compelling reason is presented for non-completion. If it is not completed, the applicant will receive no reimbursement unless otherwise decided by the Senate.

Shall we approve this?

Approved, Yes-13; No-2; Abstain-0


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