Senatvs Consvlta

Addition of a Third Rogator

We will need a new Rogator for 2001. Livia Cornelia Aurelia has declared that she will step down after the elections are complete, citing overwork as the main cause. Once again Conscript Fathers, we will be without a vital part of our governmental process.

There must be some way we can keep this from happening. Might I suggest we ask the people to change the constitution to include a third elected or appointed Rogator, with only two needed to oversee the electoral process?

This has several attractive features. First, it allows on the job training for the new Rogator, second, if we lose one we have a backup ready and we can hold elections for a third, immediately. The solution would keep our government from being paralyzed as it was for most of this year, when it came to summoning the Comitia.

Shall this be done?

Passed, Yes-13; No-5; Abstain-0

5 December 2753

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