Senatvs Consvlta

Shall the Senate approve the opening of the Limes Cooperation between the Provinces?

The Limes Cooperation was founded with the basic tasks to:

  • exchange experiences and know-how in all matters of provincial administration
  • work together for researching the common history
  • make experiences with such a form of inter-provincial cooperation, to bring in those experiences in a further, greater cooperation of interested provinces.
Website Development:
  • working out basic standards for Nova Roma provincial websites,
  • giving tips for the design,
  • basic information for reserving an internet domain
  • information about free internet services (message boards, counters etc.)
  • basic webhosting for provinces without website: We could offer such provinces some space under the domain for 3 html-pages to present their province. The province might have some time then (e.g. 6 month) to search for an own provider. Then the pages are moved to the new provider. A link to the new adress is included.
Researching and presentation of the common history
The Cooperation will be presented on an own page under the Germania homepage. On this page basic informations about the Cooperationīs tasks and aims will be displayed.

Furthermore, a Egroups-group is now established for the purposes of the Cooperation. This group is non-public, only provincial magistrates, Senators and central magistrates are accepted as members. A link to this group will be made on the Cooperation page under the Germania homepage.

This group is in test at the moment. When the senate gives itīs approval, the page an the access to the group will be set up.

Passed, Yes-17; No-0; Abstain-1

5 December 2753

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