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Change to the Electoral Procedure
RE: Multiple Candidates

For those magisterial elections where multiple candidates are elected simultaneously to serve as colleagues in the same office, such as Consul, Praetor Urbanis, Tribunis Plebis, etc., the Constitution does not specify whether citizens should vote for one candidate or vote for multiple candidates.

Two mutually exclusive proposals are now placed before the senate:

Part A:  That the ballot and all instructions given to the citizens indicate that a citizen should vote for no more than one candidate for each office.

  • That any program collecting the votes should enforce this restriction, if possible.
  • That the Rogatores be instructed to discard any vote where multiple candidates have been selected for the same office, and award each tribe or century to the one winning candidate within that tribe or century.

Part B.  "Multiple Votes, Ties Awarded to All"

To ensure that no vote is neutralized as a result of there being a tie within a tribe or century, to facilitate the voting for a team of candidates, and to ensure that the will of the people is accurately reflected in the vote results, we do enact the following policies for election procedures:

  • A citizen may vote for as many candidates for a given office as there are vacancies for that office.
  • The Curator Araneae is instructed to place that instruction on the ballot form.
  • The Rogatores, when calculating the winning candidate for a tribe or century, shall award that tribe or century to the candidate with the most votes within that tribe or century. In the event of a tie within a tribe or century, that tribe or century will be awarded to each of the candidates who share first place in that tie vote, and that tribe or century will be counted for each of them when computing results.

To ensure a consistent standard for future elections, these two mutually exclusive proposals (this is Part "A") are now be placed before the Senate. Vote for BOTH or ABSTAIN.

ITEM B Fails.

Item A Passed, Yes-13; No-5; Abstain-0

5 December 2753

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