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Appointment of at Least Two Quaestors to Oversee the Nova Roman Treasury

It is proposed that Nova Roma enact the following policy on financial controls:

To safeguard the integrity of Nova Roma's Treasury, at least two Quaestors will be appointed to oversee the administration of its account. The first, the Quaestor Aerarium, will have the authority to issue checks for approved purposes and will make deposits of monies received. The second, the Quaestor Librum, will perform monthly bank reconciliations and make timely reports to the Senate and People of amounts received and spent, but will have no authority to write checks on the Treasury account.

The Quaestor Aerarium will add the Consuls as signatories to the Treasury account at the beginning of their term (and remove them at the end of said term). In the event that the Quaestor Aerarium cannot complete his or her term, the Consuls will manage the Treasury until they appoint an existing Quaestor to the post or hold a new election.

In the event of a dispute between the two Quaestors, or of any question regarding their work, the Senate may vote to investigate the Quaestors' work by appointing a responsible individual to do so, said appointment to last no more than 30 days and conclude with a thorough report to the Senate.

Both the Quaestor Aerarium and the Quaestor Librum have the additional responsibility of informing the Consuls as soon as possible if they cannot complete their terms in office. This should be standard procedure for all elected posts, but should be mandatory for these two jobs because of their importance to Nova Roma.

This procedure, with two officials providing checks on each other's work, will be followed for any future bank accounts set up in Nova Roma's name and using Nova Roma's tax identification number.

II. It is proposed that Nova Roma purchase bonding insurance for members of the following group -- Quaestor Aerarium, the Quaestor Librum and the Consuls -- who live in the United States of America. This is intended to protect Nova Roma against possible theft of funds by people holding said offices. It requires the payment of a fee and the submission of personal information about said office-holders to the bonding agency.

Passed, Yes-15; No-2; Abstain-1

5 December 2753

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