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The proposed Edicta Commentary Period of Marcus Iunius Iulianus.


So that the citizens of Nova Roma may have the opportunity to review, contemplate and comment on pending edicts prior to their official issuance within a reasonable amount of time and so as to not hinder the operation of the nation and government by endless debate the following Edicta Commentary Period is established.

I. Edicts shall be submitted to the Senate and People of Nova Roma in a public forum (i.e. egroups, Nova Roma message board, etc.) simultaneously, for commentary. Said commentary period to begin on the date and time first submitted to said forums and to end forty-eight (48) hours later. Said forty-eight hour period to exclude Dies nefastus and other such instances as the Constitution, Collegium Pontificum and Collegium Augurum shall provide within the laws and Religio Romana of Nova Roma.

II. This commentary period is strictly for COMMENT by the citizens of Nova Roma. The edict submitted can only be modified by the submitting magistrate at their discretion and need not be changed. It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that the comments be CONSTRUCTIVE. Please keep in mind that being a part of the solution is infinitely more preferable than being part of the problem.

III. Should the submitting magistrate wish to modify their edict, using the feedback from the comments of the citizenry, they may, at their discretion and need not do so. Upon the expiration of the forty-eight hour period the final edict shall be issued pursuant to the Lex Vedia de Ratione Edictum which will then be controlling.

IV. Should the submitting magistrate withdraw their edict prior to the expiration of the commentary period they may do so. The withdrawn edict may be re- submitted and will be considered a "new" matter and the provisions defined herein will begin anew.

V. This Edicta Commentary Period shall have no effect on the Lex Vedia de Ratione Edictum. The edict submitted for comment under these provision is considered "unofficial" and therefore not subject to the Lex Vedia de Ratione Edictum and will only become subject to the provisions thereto upon the expiration of the forty-eight hour commentary period and its subsequent official issuance.

Passed, Yes-12; No-0; Abstain-0


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