Senatvs Consvlta

Senate Voting Results

Senatores present 
C. Aelius Ericius 
M. Cassius Julianus 
P. Cassia
L. Cornelius Sulla
L. Equitius Cincinnatus 
Q. Fabius Maximus
A. Gryllus Graecus 
M. Iunius Iulianus
T. Labienus Fortunatus 
G. Marius Merullus
M. Mucius Scaevola Magister 
M. Minucius Audens
M. Iuncundia Flavia
F. Vedius Germanicus
G. Tullius Triumphius Cicero
D. Iunius Palladius Invictus 

Item the First.
  Should Alexander Iulius Caesars name be added to the Senate Rolls?
 Vti rogas 8  Negat 3  Abstaino 1
Item Passes

 Item the Second
 That the Rogator be chosen from this list of candidates.
Lucius Aetius Dalmaticus 11
Caeso Fabius Quintilianus 0
Marcus Scribonius Curio Britannicus 1 

L. Aetius Dalmaticus is chosen. 

Item the Third.
 To form the province of Gallia, and appoint a Praetor to administer it.  
 Shall we form the Gallia province?
 Vti rogas 12  Negat 0   Abstanio 0
Item Passes
As its Provincial Praetor
Marcus Maximius Gaius 3
Ianus Querius Armoricus Lutecio 9

I. Querius Armoricus Lutecio is chosen 

 Item the Forth.
 Combining the governorships of Provincae America
 Austroccidentalis and Medioccidentalis Superior 
 into one province with L. Cornelia Aurelia as Praetor.
 Shall we combine the two provinces into one? 
  Vti rogas 1   Negat. 9  Abstanio 2
Item Fails

If not, shall we move modern Colorado to America Austroccidentalis
Vti rogas 9   Negat. 1  Abstanio 2
Item Passes

And make Livia Cornelia Aurelia America Austroccidentalis' Praetor?
Vti rogas 7   Negat. 3  Abstanio 2
L. Cornelia Aurelia is chosen.

 [Item the Fifth was for discussion only, no vote.  (MOG)]

 Item the Sixth
 Shall we give authority to Aedile Marcus Octavius Germanicus to handle 
election computer problems as he sees fit, then report the solution to the 
Vti rogas 12   Negat. 0  Abstanio 0
Item Passes

Item the Seventh
 Q. Fabius' Tax proposal for the citizens of Nova Roma.
 Shall this proposal be accepted to be voted upon by the Comitia? 
 Vti rogas 9   Negat. 3  Abstanio 0
Item Passes

Item the Eighth
The proposed Edicta Commentary Period of Marcus Iunius Iulianus.
Is the edicta approved by the Senate?
 Vti rogas 12   Negat. 0  Abstanio 0
Item Passes

 Item the Ninth
The Senate is asked to order the removal of Porto Claro from Rome's list of 
recognized micronations.
 Shall this be carried out?
 Vti rogas 12   Negat. 0  Abstanio 0
Item Passes

Item the Tenth.
That the current provincial map be changed by the Senate to the one at
http: //
Shall this be done?
 Vti rogas 12   Negat. 0  Abstanio 0
Item Passes.

Thank you Conscript Fathers.

We declare this meeting of the Senate to be over.  
The Consules  


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