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Budgetary Procedure

I A magistrate, pontifex or senator who incurs an expense on behalf of NR fills out the form (similar or identical to the one approved at the Senate's last session), attaches any receipt(s) and snail mails it

i To his quaestor, if such is assigned to him -- see II below; otherwise

ii To a consular quaestor, that is, a quaestor assigned to a consul -- see III below

II In the case of i, the quaestor sends a full description of the expense report to the Senate by e-mail for approval.

III In the case of ii, the quaestor sends a full description of the expense report to the consul to whom he is assigned. The consul can reject the report, send it back to the submitter with comments, or put it before the Senate for approval.

IV Quaestores will be obliged to retain any and all expense reports submitted to them until such time as NR has a central repository for financial records.

The report itself contains a column in which the submitter enters a reference to the budget for each and every expense for which reimbursement is sought. You don't have to have Excel to prepare one of these -- that file is just for convenience. You just have to provide all the relevant data -- reference to the budget, date, amount, description of expense.

Passed, Yes-11; No-1; Abstain-1

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