Expulsion of Lucius Marconius Romanus as a Citizen

On behalf of the Senate of Nova Roma, I hereby announce that a vote has been taken regarding the expulsion of Lucius Marconius Romanus as a Citizen.

This action was taken as a result of his apparent violation of Article VI, Paragraph 1 of our Constitution, which states (in part) "Citizens need not be practitioners of the Religio Romana, but may not engage in any activity that intentionally blasphemes or defames the Gods, the Religio Romana, or its practitioners..." in an email sent to the official Nova Roma email list on December 24th.

It is the judgement of the Senate that Lucius Marconius Romanus has indeed violated the provisions of our Constitution deliberately. Under the authority of Article II, Paragraph 1.1, the Senate has voted unanimously to expell Lucius Marconius Romanus from the rolls of the Citizens of Nova Roma. Although he was given an option 48 hours ago to resign rather than face public expulsion, he has apparently chosen not to do so, as no reply to the Senate's offer has yet been received.

If he wishes, he may appeal the judgement of the Senate to the Comitia Centuriata, in accordance to our Constitution. Failing receipt of his intention to make such an appeal within 8 days of this announcement, the Censors should strike his name from the list of Citizens and the webmistress should remove his listing from the Active Gentes.

On behalf of the Senate of Nova Roma,

Flavius Vedius Germanicus,

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