Appointment of Minervina Iuvundia Flavia as Governor of Southeast US Provincia

(Proposed by Flavius Vedius Germanicus 7/29/98. No voting deadline. Approved without dissenting votes 8/3/98.)

I would like to nominate Minervina Iuvundia Flavia, a new Citizen, for the position of acting governor of the Southeast US Provincia (the appointment to become finalized if and when the current requirement that all magistrates be Patricians is removed, which will likely be this weekend).

I and others with whom I've been in touch have spoken with her in the taverna and via email, and she is not only knowledgeable and energetic, but more than willing to take the responsibilities of the position.

I ask that the Senate approve her appointment with all due speed, as this vital province has too long gone without a dedicated administrator.

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