A Statement of Policy Regarding Intermicronational Relations

(Proposed by Flavius Vedius Germanicus 7/10/98. No voting deadline. Approved without dissenting votes 7/16/98.)

In light of the recent discussion, I would like to propose that the official policy of Nova Roma regarding micronational
relations be expressed thus:

"Nova Roma is pleased to open dialogues with all Micronations and private Citizens of Nova Roma are free to deal with citizens of other micronations as they see fit. However, as we have real-world goals, we shall offer official recognition and engage in formal diplomatic relations only with those Micronations which are serious Sovereignty projects. This standard shall also be applied to participation in intermicronational organizations and treaty conventions."

As we are the policy-making body of the State, I believe it is our place to establish such a statement. It would be posted on the international relations page on our web site.

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