A Nonprofit Corporation Should Be Formed

(Proposed by Flavius Vedius Germanicus 3/12/98. Voting deadline extended to 3/17/98. Approved with no dissenting votes 3/17/98.)

The time has arrived, I feel, to form a non-profit corporation, so that our activities within the United States are in full compliance with the law of the land. To that end, I propose that such a corporation be formed in the state of Delaware through the agency of The Company Corporation (www.incorporate.com).

I recommend Delaware for a variety of reasons, not least of which are the ease with which we can operate as a corporation without possessing a physical office within the state.

The details of such incorporation are detailed, and I believe that Cassius Iulianus has already gone through the process in another state.

Details of the price ($92 basic fee, plus a number of optional fees) are ennumerated on The Company Corporation's web site.

I would say that the stated purpose of the corporation be "For religious and educational purposes" along with a clause allowing us to authorize local chapters (to share our nonprofit status) and allowing us to conduct fund-raising through a variety of means. I propose that the name of the corporation be "The Nova Roma Society".

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