1. The right of adult citizens to freely choose to terminate their membership in a gens is hereby affirmed, and may not be interfered with by any magistrate or citizen.
  2. An adult citizen wishing to leave his or her gens for any reason may do so by contacting the Censores. A minor citizen may do so with consent of his or her parent.
  3. Within 18 days of receiving this request, the Censores are required to inform the citizen's current paterfamilias of the citizen's intent to leave. The paterfamilias or materfamilias (hereafter, simply "paterfamilias") shall then have 18 days to respond to this notification, during which he can choose to impose a waiting period.
    1. Email to the address of the paterfamilias registered in the Censores' database is considered sufficient notification. If that address is no longer valid, then the notification period is waived, and the citizen may immediately depart the gens.
    2. B. If the paterfamilias fails to respond in the time allotted, or if he consents to the departure, then the Censores shall immediately remove the citizen from that gens; no further delay is necessary or allowable.
    3. If the paterfamilias chooses to impose a waiting period, and notifies the Censores of such within the 18 days after the initial notification of departure, then there shall be a single 45 day period during which the departing citizen will remain a member of that gens.
    4. At the end of the 45 day waiting period, if the citizen notifies the Censores that he still intends to leave the gens, then that citizen shall no longer be considered a member of that gens.

ante diem VI Kalendas October MMDCCLV avc

Censor Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus et Censor Caius Flavius Diocletianus



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