The Appointment of Diana Apollonia Aventina as Scriba Aedilis Concursus Secunda

  1. I hereby appoint Honorable Diana Apollonia Aventina "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Concursus Secunda" (Second Aedilian Scriba Specialized in meetings), she is to assist in the Officina Concursus as Adiutrix Secunda.

  2. As an official of Nova Roma this citizen is asked to, within one week of her appointment, swear the public oath shown on http://www.novaroma.org/tabularium/lex99191002.html using both her Nova Roman name and within parenthesis her macroworld (real) name.

  3. The Oath must be published on the Nova Roma Main List!

  4. This edictum becomes effective immediately.
Given July the 23rd, in the year of the consulship of M. Octavius Germanicus and L. Cornelius Sulla Felix, 2755 AUC.

Caeso Fabius Quintilianus,
Senior Curule Aedile

23 Quinctilius 2755