Lex Iunia de Iusiurando

I, __enter legal and Roman name here____________do hereby solemnly swear to uphold the honor of Nova Roma, and to act always in the best interests of the people and the Senate of Nova Roma.

As a magistrate of Nova Roma, I, _______________________ swear to honor the Gods and Goddesses of Rome in my public dealings, and to pursue the Roman Virtues in my public and private life.

I, ___________ swear to uphold and defend the Religio Romana as the State Religion of Nova Roma and swear never to act in a way that would threaten its status as the State Religion.

I, _____________________swear to protect and defend the Constitution of Nova Roma.

I, _____________________further swear to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of the office of ______________to the best of my abilities.

On my honor as a Citizen of Nova Roma, and in the presence of the Gods and Goddesses of the Roman people and by their will and favor, do I accept the position of_____________and all the rights, privileges, obligations, and responsibilities attendant thereto.