from the Plays of Plautus

Bene omnibus nobis (to the health of us all) (Persa, 775)

Bene ei qui invidet mi et ei qui hoc gaudet (to the health of him who envies me, and of him who rejoices with me) (Persa, 776)

Di te bene ament (may the gods love you well) (Captivi, 138)

Id te Iuppiter prohibessit! (May Jupiter prevent it [from happening] to you!) (Pseudolus, 13)

Di te mihi semper servent (The gods keep you and me always) (Pseudolus, 121)

Ei accerse hostias, victumas, lanios, ut ego (huic) sacruficem summo Iovi (Go, fetch offerings, victims, and them that slay them, that I may sacrifice to (this) Jove supreme

(Pseudolus, 326-7)

Ita di deaque faxint (the gods and goddesses be with you) (Ibid., 171)

Di te ament (may the gods love you) (Aulularia, 183)

Pro di immortales, obsecro vostram fidem! (By the immortal gods, I beseech your faith!) (Poenulus, 967)

Di me salvom et servatum volunt (May the gods wish me safe and sound) (Trinummus, 1077)

Mare, Terra, Caelum, di vostram fidem (obsecro)! (Sea, Earth, Heaven! Gods, (I entreat) your faith!

Ita me di bene ament, measque mihi servassint filias (may the gods love me well and preserve my daughters to me) (Stichus, 505)

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