Volturnalia 2766 AUC (Nova Roma)

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Today we celebrate the festival of Volturnus. In his honor, we offer a bireme race on the Tiber River.

The banner graphics are courtesy of Lucius Vitellius Triarius - Gratias tibi ago!

Bireme Race Results

The final results of the Bireme Races for Ludi Volturnales 2766:

Place Owner Commander Bireme Factio
1 Gaius Decius Laterensis Quintus Visellius Triton's Pride Albata
2 Titus Iulius Sabinus Crassus Titus Iulius Sabinus Crassus Aprilis Russata
3 Publius Annæus Constantinus Placidus Midir Dagda Russata
4 Lucius Ulpius Atellus Apollodoros of Crete Wind Rider Veneta
5 Statia Cornelia Aeternia Nautica Agrippinae Dulcis Veneta

Bireme Race Report

Salvete omnes. Hello listeners.

Welcome to Nova Roma News Radio, broadcasting to you from the eternal city.

Today is the Volturnalia and we have a special event taking place at the river front. Our reporter, Titus Nautius Sura, has a report on the bireme race!

Yes, Salvete omnes! The Governor of America Boreoccidentalis has arranged a course on the river to honor Volturnus with a bireme race. It is 6:00 pm with overcast skies but warm with temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius. There was plenty of action earlier but the final race to determine today's winner is about to begin. The five finalists are: Nautica, commanding the bireme "Agrippinae Dulcis", owned by Statia Cornelia Aeternia for Factio Veneta; Quintus Visellius, commanding the bireme "Triton's Pride", owned by Gaius Decius Laterensis for Factio Albata; Apollodoros of Crete, commanding the bireme "Wind Rider", owned by Lucius Atellus Ulpius for Factio Veneta; Midir, commanding the bireme "Dagda", owned by Publius Annæus Constantinus for Factio Russata; and, Titus Iulius Sabinus Crassus, commanding his own bireme "Aprilius" for Factio Russata.

The river banks are crowded with fans and the Reds, Blues and Whites are displayed proudly everywhere.

The biremes have lined up and stand ready for the start, and yes, here comes M. Pompeius Caninus with the mappa ready to send them off. He holds it high to get full attention, lets it fall, the starting horn sounds and they're away. Its a good clean start, they're all powering down to the first dolphin. Triton's Pride is beginning to pull away with Agrippinae Dulcis well ahead of the rest of the pack. Passing the first dolphin Wind Rider is in third place, Dagda in fourth and Aprilis is in fifth.

The boats are moving almost effortlessly on the river as they pass the second dolphin with Triton's Pride still in the lead. Wind Rider has moved up second pulling a bit ahead of Dagda. Agrippinae Dulcis seems to have faded to the back of pack with Aprilis.

As they approach the third dolphin Dagda has surged ahead to take the lead. Agrippinae Dulcis has somehow managed to regain second place. The crowd is cheering as Triton's Pride passes the dolphin in third position with Wind Rider close behind and Aprilius pulling up the rear.

The river is shimmering in the late afternoon sun with very little wave action as the overcast begins to change to mostly cloudy skies. The boats are just passing the fourth dolphin now. Only one more to go! And Agrippinae Dulcis has a commanding lead. Triton's Pride is well behind in second position. Wind Rider is in third and Aprilis appears to be making a move, now in fourth position ahead of Dagda.

And here they come! The positions are shifting dramatically in this last leg before the finish line. The crews have run a blistering pace. Triton's Pride crosses first! Aprilis follows almost immediately in second place. Dagda has come up to third place, leaving Wind Rider a bit behind in fourth place. And Agrippinae Dulcis is in fifth place. Albata fans are making themselves known with cheers and streamers flying all along the banks of the Tiber. I can see our Plebian Aedile is beaming with pride. But there are sure to be several parties tonight! Russata and Veneta fans are joyful as well and the celebrations are bound to last long into the night.

That's it from the Tiber River grandstands. Gaius Decius Laterensis has scored a win with his bireme Triton's Pride rowing to victory under the command of Quintus Visellius! Now back to the studio.

Valete omnes!

M. Pompeius Caninus America Boreoccidentalis

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