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This is way better than what was in use until last week. I'm pleased to note that the best features of this layout are being incorporated into the other one. This Page is actually informative and gives the visitor a basic feel for the organisation. I have missed the inspirational quality of being able to read at least sections of the mission statement. The Main Page actually in-use was just a collection of teasers: "partial here for more." Vae, if the first half-sentence didn't capture the visitor's interest (and, many Romans not being of the sound-bite persuasion, it likely wouldn't), why would s/he "click here for more"?

The current two-column layout looks like an attic: cluttered with boxes, just like every other Wiki portal page out there. I much prefer this magazine format; it lends itself to a more natural way of reading. Gratias ago! -- Marius Peregrinus 23:25, 24 January 2008 (CET)

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