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The following declaration has been held on Nov. 28, 2763 auc, towards the People in the Forum romanum, by Candidate Ullerius Stephanus Venator (P.) :

This day I come before you as an official candidate for the Office of Consul of Nova Roma.

The Presiding Magistrate, Consul Publius Memmius Albucius, has officially listed me as such. I should like to thank him for his consideration, and ask that the Cives Nova Roma give me their votes.

I should like to repeat the points I laid out in my unofficial statement of yesterday, and amplify a bit. I offer, I think, a choice for the vision and dream, which could be Nova Roma, achieved through thoughtful consideration, planning and execution of needed changes.

I am not, as I previously stated, either the most educated or forcefulof men. Neither am I strait jacketed by a moral code that I will impose on anyone save to maintain the necessary good order within thesociety we seek to build. However, I have my own mind, viewpoints and methods of reaching out. I prefer consensus; many times a solutionthat satisfies neither side fully is the best one for the whole.

My worldview is shaped by what I have learned from family, friends,teachers, mentors, co-workers and the wider world around me. It isshaped by the moral and ethical teachings of the religions and philosophies, which I have studied over the years. It is shaped byseeing my father sit as a "Senator" for 16 years in our localassembly. It is shaped by watching the elders of my family live their lives and make the world a better place for them having been in it. It is shaped by the years I undertook military service, youth leadership, working as an officer at various levels in a major re-enactment society. To the latter point, at one time I led a chapter that had almost 300 members. During those years we grew enough to spin off two subchapters.

I care deeply that Nova Roma not just survive, but that it grow and thrive to properly Honor my beloved ancestors who are (I think and believe) of Roman nature. That Honor is part of my worldview, too. It is likewise part of my private devotions, which are of the North. That Honor leads me to pledge my Respect for the Roman Religio.

I am at once a practical man and a romantic, though the latter is a stronger quality.

Rome for me is much more than a collection of buildings along the Tiber river, more than its military victories, its engineering marvels, Language, Culture, Spirituality, Law, Worldview or Artistry. She is a living thing, made up of living beings who share acommon goal of bringing to this modern world of ours that which is good within Romanitas, its Virtues, Civic and Private.

I admit to being more visionary than earthbound. But, perhaps, this is what Nova Roma needs; one consul Earthbound, the other Not-so-much...two halves of a whole.

My civic record is listed in the Album Civum.http://www.novaroma.org/civitas/album?id=252 .

I have performed both well and badly. I have, however, never sought to leave Nova Roma whatever the ills in my life outside her borders. I have left office, but the health problems, which were the impetus are well under control.

You have questions, I am sure. I will answer. If nothing else, I am open about my life. I hope that I have earned your trust over the years and pledge to continue earning it.

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