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Titus Flavius Severus
Album Civium

Titus Flavius Severus is Legatus pro praetore of Provincia Sarmatia and former Plebeian Tribune and Quaestor of Nova Roma.

T. Fl. Severus was born in Ukraine, later he moved to the Russian Federation, where he is now. T. Fl. Severus graduated from the State Law Academy. He is leader of interregional reenactment community, interested in the ancient history, history of the early and high Middle Ages.

In addition, T. Fl. Severus has a degree in law, he is a specialist in Roman law, as well as a practicing lawyer.

I am proud that I am a citizen of Nova Roma. Carrying the light of Roman culture in the modern world, we are creating a new reality and a new world order. The greatness of Rome revives through our deeds and actions. New Rome should become a worthy successor of the Ancient Rome. - T. Fl. Severus, a quote from the speech to the Provincial Council.

The words of others are the best thing to say about T. Fl. Severus:

Severus is an example of good Roman - Ti. Servilius Nerva, on the occasion of T. Fl. Severus praefectus office.

I am proud to know such a man as Severus - Marca Marcia, in the debate about the future of the province of T. Fl. Severus and М. Octavius Corvus.

Without false modesty, I say that Rome for us, it is Flavius Severus, a man who combines the virtues of Rome, guided them in daily life - Q. Vergilius Crassus about the role of Roman virtues in daily life.

Preservation of the province, overcoming the crisis it is completely merit of Titus Flavius Severus. If is not he we were not part of Roman society - Tiberia Salvia, in a discussion about the consequences of the crisis in Sarmatia.

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