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Titus Domitius Draco
Album Civium

T. Domitius Draco, imperator, is a consular senator of the Nova Roman Republic. He is the proconsul of America Noveboracensis et Mediatlantica. T. Domitius is a three-times consul, with this belonging to the very exclusive group of the most distinguished nobiles in Nova Roma, together with L. Sulla and Q. Arrius.

In Cn. Lentulo Alexandro T. Domitio cos. MMDCCLXIX a.u.c., he was elected to save the republic together with Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander, the elder, as consuls amidst the greatest crisis of the republic. They two enacted the lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda which enabled Nova Roma to function under the direst of circumstances and extended "civil war" period, a law which later, with modifications, became the new constitution of Nova Roma. Together with Cn. Lentulus Alexander, he received imperium maius to be in charge of the activist conscripted as legionaries for the "Saving Nova Roma" operations.

As special distinction in Nova Roman history, T. Domitius, with his colleague C. Claudius, presided over the 20th Anniversary Year of Nova Roma, the Sacred Year of Concordia, and over the Grand International Convention of Nova Roma in Rome, Italy, celebrating the 20th Anniversary, both consuls of Nova Roma being present in Rome for the first time in modern Roman history.

T. Draco went on to serve consul the third time in Q. Arrio (II) T. Domitio (III) cos. MMDCCLXXIII a.u.c., assisting the process of transition from the "civil war" period to the period of rebuilding the organization. He was acclaimed imperator for his role as commander in this internal conflict, and the senate voted him an ovatio, on behalf of the Legio XXIV Media Atlantia of which he was the ceremonial supreme commander.

Cursus honorum

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C. Claudio T. Domitio (II) cos. MMDCCLXXI a.u.c.
Q. Arrio (II) T. Domitio (III) cos. MMDCCLXXIII a.u.c.
Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos. MMDCCLXXII a.u.c.

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Honors & Awards

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