Tiberius Octavius Avitus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Tiberius Octavius Avitus

Salvete Quirites,

I had been considering running for such an office next year, but quite frankly this office has remained vacant far too long. I cannot in good conscious ignore this call. It is our sacred duty to serve the republic, especially in times of need. As such, I declare my candidacy for rogator to the honorable Consuls Faustus and Paulinus in the presence of all citizens assembled here in the forum.

I make no claims at being the best man for this job, I claim only to be willing to serve and willing to learn.

I hope I will not be the only candidate for office, a republic only works when the people have a choice. The choice encourages debate and forces people to take an interest in the political process. The more involvement in our republic that all citizens are, the better it will be for all of us.

Long live the Republic,

--Ti Octavius Avitus

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