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Tiberius Cornelius Scipio
Album Civium

Ti. Cornelius Scipio is citizen of Nova Roma since K. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. MMDCCLIX a.u.c..

"From the very first visit to this website, I could not wait to become involved. A profound interest and love for Roman Civilization has characterized my whole life, and this is the place where I have found people who in different levels share the same passion.

In my life, so far, I had the opportunity to visit many roman sites in Italy, Germany and Spain. Before 2008 ends, the list of places will increase as I am about to embark on my 'bi-annual Roman Trek' (I take a month of vacations, and go hunting for roman history). I feel that visiting places creates a connection to the peoples whom have inhabited these areas before. What better way to connect to history than taking my shoes off, closing my eyes and let my imagination run wild? …well, that didn’t work too well the time some kids tried hiding my shoes… never mind.

What I am trying to say is that I am very happy to be here among you and that I look forward to contribute in any way possible. I know we are a very diverse group with members of different continents. I hope to be able to meet some citizens in person some day. One always finds himself when spending time with people who share the same interests."

Cursus Honorum

M. Curiatio M. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXII a.u.c.

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