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Report for the Senate of Provincia Thules for 2008

I Anticipated revenue from the province No other revenue is expected or planned than tax revenue. The number of tax payers is expected to remain as it is.

II Description of fundraising activities planned No fundraising activities is planned.

III Anticipated expenses within the province No expenses is currently planned for 2008. We are saving for the future conventus.

IV Description of provincial activities necessitating expenditure We are keeping and saving 50% of the taxes paid for eventually cover some expenses in the arrangements of conventus at some future year, maybe 2010. This is the same policy as in the previous years.

V I would like to continue as governor.

C. Curius Saturninus Senator - Aedilis Plebis - Propraetor Provinciae Thules Rector Academia Thules ad Studia Romana Antiqua et Nova

e-mail: c.curius@...

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