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Salve, Master M. Agricola!

Why do we have to use the V type capitalization? The Style Guide says Latin in the website has to follow these rules:

"The letter "U" is used to represent the vowel written "V" by the Romans, while the letter "V" is used for the consonant written "V" by the Romans."

According to that, we would have to write IANUARIUS.

And another problem: Aprilis is written "APRILVS" here: the "Aprilus" is only a typo. Could we correct this?

We are following this: Decretum Pontificum de Calendario Perpetuo (Nova Roma). I agree with you, but it is also confusing if we do not act together. Let's go to the Decretum's talk page with all our suggestions. The way that leap year is handled is probably wrong too. If we change the month names, we also have to change this template: Template:Calendar. It is used on all the main pages and it must match the months on this page. Aprilus is a typo. I'll fix it. Agricola 10:40, 6 February 2008 (CET)
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