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Information for candidates

Your photo

If you do not have a photo on the website and if you want one, please read" "NovaRoma:Submit Citizen Photo" or contact one of the WikiMagisters.

Your statement

A link to your statement page is automatically created when you add your name to this candidates page. If your statement page itself has not been created you can copy this and paste it into your statement page.

{{CandidateDeclarationPage|MMDCCLXI|Your Roman name|Office you are running for}}
[[Category:Candidates MMDCCLXI|Your name without praenomen]]
<div class="scriptum">

  1. Change the parts in italics to your information.
  2. Anything you put between the "<div class="scriptum"> </div>" tags will appear in a red-bordered box. This is usually used for documents that are quoted verbatim.
  3. Use of the red-bordered section is optional. If a wiki-staffer copies your declaration of candidacy from the main list, it will appear in a box. You can leave it as it is or edit it away.
  4. Make sure that the category tag ([[Category:Candidates MMDCCLX|Your name without praenomen]]) is included.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to make sure that your information is correct and up to date. If you have any questions, please contact the wiki staff via the link above.

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