Sodalitas Latinitatis - praescriptum de suffragiis (Nova Roma)

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Praescriptum de suffragiis of the sodalitas Latinitatis

I. The magistri shall conduct the elections using "Yahoogroups" polls.

II. Each member shall have one vote in the decurial poll and two votes in the magisterial poll.

III. In every election, there shall be a candidate called "Alius" ("Other").

IV. The decurial candidate in each decuria who receives most votes shall be elected decurio.

V. The two magisterial candidates who receive most votes shall be elected magistri.

VI. If "Alius" be elected, the magistri shall conduct a new election so that a new candidate may fill the vacancy.

VII. No one shall be both a magisterial and a decurial candidate at the same time.

Carried on the 9th of February 2006

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