Sodalitas Latinitatis - praescriptum de consociatione adipiscenda amittendaque (Nova Roma)

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Praescriptum de consociatione adipiscenda amittendaque of the sodalitas Latinitatis

I. Whoever subscribes to the e-mail list of the sodalitas shall be a member.

II. Whoever removes himself/herself or is removed from the e-mail list of the sodalitas shall cease to be a member.

III. If the magistri believe that a sodalis has subscribed to the list merely in order to send unwanted commercial messages (spam), they shall publish his/her name on the list and remove him/her immediately; if in their opinion, s/he replies appropriately within thirty days, s/he shall be restored to full membership.

Carried on the 9th of February 2006

(This praescriptum has been partly superseded by a new praescriptum de consociatione amittenda.)

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