Sodalitas Coquorum et Cerevisiae Coctorum (Nova Roma)

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One of the Sodalitates of Nova Roma.

Sodalitas Coquorum et Cerevisiae Coctorum - The Society of Cooks and Brewers

We are devoted to the research, preparation, and enjoyment of the beverages, foods and dining methods of Roma Antiqua, those of cultures with which she came into contact, those of Nova Roma and the host cultures of Nova Roma's Cives. The research presented (recipes, anecdotes, and so forth) need not be fully anchored to Roma Antiqua, but must be of use to Nova Roma.

Our Sodalitas has, for many years, been a place where Cives of many backgrounds have come together in Amity.

Our Sodalitas provides a forum for communication and exchange of information between the brewers and cooks of Nova Roma, and to the benefit of the general population. Also, one need not be a Cives Novae Romae to join this list for the exchange of ideas. However, we do hope that our exchanges there will lead to more folks joining Nova Roma.

Some recipes are collected in the Category:Roman cooking.

We do have a very comprehensive Charter and set of By-Laws...which are in stasis until such time as the membership deems it appropriate to formalize our structure and method of operation.

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