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This is a report of a session of the Nova Roma Senate of a.d. V Id. Nov. , M. Octavio L. Sulla (II) cos. MMDCCLV a.u.c..

Senate action for 9 November 2755 as posted in the “old Tabularium” Tiberius Galerius Paulinus, Censor 9 August 2761 A.V.C.

Senate Voting Results

The Senate has finished its latest session, and the votes have been tallied, as below. The following 17 Senatores cast votes. They are referred to below by their initials, and are listed in alphabetical order by nomen:

Marcus Arminius Maior (MAM) Marcus Cassius Julianus (MCJ) Patricia Cassia (PC) Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix (LCSF) Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus (LEC) Caeso Fabius Quintilianus (CFQ) Quintus Fabius Maximus (QFM) Caius Flavius Diocletianus (CFD) Antonius Gryllus Graecus (AGG) Alexander Iulius Caesar Probus Macedonius (AICPM) Decius Iunius Palladius Invictus (DIPI) Titus Labienus Fortunatus (TLF) Gaius Marius Merullus (CMM) Marcus Minucius Audens (MMA) Marcus Octavius Germanicus (MOG) Lucius Sergius Australicus Obstinatus (LSAO) Appius Tullius Marcellus Cato (ATMC) The following senatores did not vote:

Minervina Iucundia Flavia Gaius Tullius Triumphius Cicero "UTI ROGAS" indicates a vote in favor of an item, "ANTIQUO" or "NEGAT" is a vote against, and "ABSTINEO" is an abstention.

The schedule:

Debate begins at 18:00 CST Monday (01:00 Roman Time Tuesday 11/5). Voting begins at 18:01 CST Friday (01:01 Roman Time Saturday 11/9). Voting ends at 18:01 CST Monday (01:01 Roman Time Tuesday 11/12).

The items for consideration are as follows:

ITEM I. Election of Curule Aedile Suffectus. Candidates:

Decimus Iunius Silanus Gnaeus Equitius Marinus Result: D. Iunius Silanus received 4 votes;

Gn.Equitius Marinus received 13 votes.

Congratulations, Gnaeus Equitius Marinus, Aedilis Curule suffectus of Nova Roma.

MAM : Gn. Equitius Marinus.

MCJ : Gn. Equitius Marinus. I vote for Gn. Equitius

Marinus, although I believe that D. Iunius Silanus was

also a fine candidate for this position.

PC : Gn. Equitius Marinus. I vote for Gn. Equitius

Marinus, though with no prejudice against D. Iunius.

LCSF: D. Iunius Silanus.

LEC : Gn. Equitius Marinus.

CFQ : Gn. Equitius Marinus. I only wish that I could vote for Honorable Decimus Iunius Silanus too. I have worked with him in writing the Regula of a Sodalitas Iurisprudentiae and he has shown a good grasp of legal workings. My vote goes to Honorable Gnaeus Equitius Marinus. He has been my Scriba for 2755 and I am extremely satisfied with his work. This has convinced me that he will be a very good Curule Aedile, a position he has the outmost knowledge of about because of his work in my Cohors Aedilis.

QFM : D. Iunius Silanus.

CFD : Gn. Equitius Marinus. A difficult choice. Both are able and dedicated citizens, Marinus as staff member of a current Curule Aedile, Silanus as Propraetor Britannia. Marinus runs for this office in the current elections, Silanus runs for Praetor. Since Marinus is currently involved in the work of Curule Aedile, he might be the better choice at this moment.

For Silanus, the position could be the first step into central government work. Both have my support in their runs, but to have continuity in the office, I prefer Marinus at this moment.

AGG : Gn. Equitius Marinus.

AICPM: Gn. Equitius Marinus.

DIPI: D. Iunius Silanus. I vote for Decimus Iunius Silanus. I have been impressed by his devotion to Nova Roma and intelligence. He would make a fine Curule Aedile.

TLF : Gn. Equitius Marinus. This was not an easy choice!

CMM : D. Iunius Silanus.

MMA : Gn. Equitius Marinus. This gentleman has served as my senior Libraii in the Militarium for over a year. He has been selected as my Acting-Cornicularius during the absence of Commander Casca of the VIth Legion. He has worked very hard in this task, keeping me appraised of schedules, and doing research for decisions to be made by the Sodalitas Militarium. He is an extremely perceptive individual, and is moved by the same principles which move me, Honor, Dignity, and Truthfullness. I am extremely impressed with this gentleman in all aspects of his service to me, and I am more than proud to be able to cast my vote for him, and to appraise others of his excellent service as well.

MOG : Gn. Equitius Marinus.

LSAO: Gn. Equitius Marinus.

ATMC: Gn. Equitius Marinus.

ITEM II. Election of Praetor Suffectus. Candidates: Senatrix Patricia Cassia Senator Quintus Fabius Maximus Result: Senatrix Patricia Cassia received 14 votes;

Senator Quintus Fabius Maximus received 2 votes;

ABSTINEO: one vote.

Congratulations, Senatrix Patricia Cassia, Praetora suffecta of Nova Roma.

MAM : Patricia Cassia.

MCJ : Patricia Cassia. Usually I abstain from such votes. In this particular case I break that tradition and vote for Patricia Cassia. I am quite certain that Q. Fabius could handle this position admirably (as he as done in all positions held so far). In this case I am very familiar with Patricia's years of experience in moderating lists, and feel that such experience is needed after recent events.

PC : Patricia Cassia. I vote for myself, but offer my respect and thanks to Quintus Fabius for his willingness to volunteer.

LCSF: Q. Fabius Maximus

LEC : Patricia Cassia.

CFQ : Patricia Cassia. My vote goes to Senatrix Illustra Patricia Cassia. This position includes the position of Moderator of the main list, a position that Illustra Patricia Cassia has held before and which I think she is extremly suited for. She also has been a citizen for a very long time and over and over shown herself to have good gasp of the legislation of Nova Roma and how to handle the relationshhip between citizens.

QFM : Abstineo.

CFD : Patricia Cassia.

AGG : Q. Fabius Maximus.

AICPM: Patricia Cassia.

DIPI: Patricia Cassia. I vote for Patricia Cassia. This was a very hard choice, both of these are quite capable people. As the main task for the rest of year for this position will be list moderation I can think of no better moderator than Cassia.

TLF : Patricia Cassia. Another difficult decision, made only slightly easier by Cassia's excellent record in list moderation.

CMM : Patricia Cassia.

MMA : Patricia Cassia. The Senatrix Patricia Cassia has since my entrance into Nova Roma, been well-known for her even-handed views and discretion. She carefully weights the values of her decisions and once having made her decision is quick and decisive to act. She has steadfastly maintained a fair and balanced outlook on her duties and responsibilities within Nova Roma. I have served under her guidance as a junior Quaestor, and have learned much about my duties in that position. She has been a kind and trusted friend to all in Nova Roma, and she has as well been extremely effective in the duties as a former List Moderator. She has been steadfast in her duties as a Senatrix, and has the experience and the desire to serve Nova Roma in order to fulfill the task as a Praetor, and take the trouble to do it well, and without an unbalanced view toward any NR Citizen, or any proposal to come before her for a decision.

MOG : Patricia Cassia.

LSAO: Patricia Cassia. A difficult choice between two distinguished and capable individuals. I note that to be the opposite situation to what I am invariably faced with in macronational elections. Why is that?

ATMC: Patricia Cassia. This was very difficult as I know that both Senators are very capable of filling this position, and I have great respect for both. However, I can only vote for one.

ITEM III. Establish office of Princeps Senatus and define qualifications According to Consul M. Octavius: "Item III is withdrawn; please do not vote on it. A revised version may be presented later this month or next." Item was withdrawn for later consideration.

ITEM IV. Annual Membership Fee Rate Adjustment Section II of the Senatus Consultum on Taxation (July 2754) is hereby superceded with the following:<

II. A. Each citizen eighteen years of age or older is hereby assessed an annual tax of one three-thousandth of the per-capita GDP of his nation of residence as shown in the CIA World Factbook, using the most recent version available on the CIA web site. [ COMMENT: currently this ranges from $2.16 (Brazil) to $12.06 (USA); some other countries: Spain $6.00; Germany $7.80; Italy $7.36 ]

B. In order that the amounts may be more manageable in local currencies, the Consuls may, by edict, alter the amount for any country by up to 20%, upwards or downwards; adjustments greater than 20% may be made by Senatus Consultum only.

C. The Consuls' Quaestores will compile and publish a list of rates before the start of the collection period.

The following is added to the Senatus Consultum on Taxation as new Sections V and VI:

V. Governors of Provinciae may receive authorization to collect the annual tax from citizens of their provinciae by providing the Senate with the following:

1. Proof of identity, in the form of copies of macronational government-issued identification cards, driving licenses or passports.

2. Written agreement that all money collected is the property of Nova Roma and will be sent to the Senate on demand, and that a list of citizens who have paid will be provided to the Censores within one month after the collection period has ended.

3. A description of preferred methods of payment (money order, electronic transfer, etc.) and the address (postal or electronic) to which payments should be sent. These payment instructions will be published on the Nova Roma web site and mailing lists.

VI. Governors who have received authorization to accept tax payments, as defined in Section V, may keep one half of funds collected for use within the province; this money remains the property of Nova Roma but may be spent by the provincial governor on activities that benefit Nova Roma. The remaining half, minus transfer fees, must be transferred to the Senate. Item PASSED *unanimously*. Uti Rogas (Yes): 17 votes; Antiquo (No):0 votes.

MAM : Uti Rogas.

MCJ : Uti Rogas.

PC : Uti Rogas.

LCSF: Uti Rogas.

LEC : Uti Rogas.

CFQ : Uti Rogas. A very good proposal, although I ask myself if some citizens in Northern America and western Europe couldn't pay more.

QFM : Uti Rogas. This is a stopgap measure which means that we must raise taxes for the affluent provinces eventually. I do not believe that 10 people in a province paying 1.25 is much different than one person paying the 12.00.

CFD : Uti Rogas. A great step in the right direction, to ensure justice in taxation.

AGG : Uti Rogas.

AICPM: Uti Rogas.

DIPI: Uti Rogas.

TLF : Uti Rogas.

CMM : Uti Rogas. I vote to approve the adjustment, which I think results in a more practical and fair tax regime for Nova Roma as a whole.

MMA : Uti Rogas.

MOG : Uti Rogas.

LSAO: Uti Rogas. I still object in principle to any assumption that the average wealth of a nation can be assumed to be a fair indicator of the wealth of each of its individual citizens. However, I doubt there is any really "fair" system that could be practically implemented, so this one must serve.

ATMC: Uti Rogas.

ITEM V. Payment of $237 to Provincia Nova Britannia for "Roman Market Day" expenses We learned several lessons from this year's event which will allow us to plan more successfully for future events. The first is that this area has a much greater appetite for our event than we realized! This realization will require changing some of our original plans (for instance, substituting a food vendor for the "dayboard" and re-evaluating the admission fee). Also, some expenses for this event, such as signage and coolers, can be reused in future years, and the T-shirts and flags did not sell out, so we have some to bring to future events. When it became clear that we would have a surplus for the day, it was decided to invite the performers (gladiators and re-enactors), many of whom had come long distances and who often are able to charge fees for their performances, to dinner as a way of thanking them for their service. A separate dinner was held later for the kitchen volunteers, non-Nova Roman friends who consented to be drafted into service for the day. After the event, we received a call from the site owner, asking that we pay for steam-cleaning the carpets in the building, stained by dropped food.

While these expenses put the event in the red, they also built and sustained positive relationships with people who are necessary for a successful second year.

PRE-EVENT EXPENSES Food 532 Site fee 200 Misc (cups, plates, forks, signage, etc.) 109 Change for NR table and gate 250 T-shirts and tote bags 530 Supplies for children's activities 20 Total 1,641 REVENUE Gate + NR table 2191 Surplus 550 POST-EVENT EXPENDITURES Dinner for re-enactors 450 Dinner for kitchen volunteers 167 Steam-cleaning carpets at site 170 Total 787 Cost overrun 237 Item PASSED *unanimously*. Uti Rogas (Yes): 17 votes; Antiquo (No):0 votes.

MAM : Uti Rogas.

MCJ : Uti Rogas. What can I say but Uti Rogas! Nova Roma got more attention with this event than we have with the last three years at "Roman Days" in MD combined.

PC : Uti Rogas. See you at Roman Market Day 2003!

LCSF: Uti Rogas.

LEC : Uti Rogas. However, future events should not be held in carpeted venue when food and drink are served, and volunteers and reenactors should chip in for the food as we do at Roman Days. We've had people come from as far away as California, Louisiana, and Florida and they have chipped in for the banquet.

CFQ : Uti Rogas. A reasonable proposal.

QFM : Uti Rogas. I was not exactly sure what this was for, was it for cleaning damages? I believe Cassius Nerva and I paid for the 2001 after event and it came to under 50.00. We should have a budget item of 100.00 earmarked for this, each year, and if it goes over budget the people attending the event should contribute to make the overage.

CFD : Uti Rogas.

AGG : Uti Rogas.

AICPM: Uti Rogas.

DIPI: Uti Rogas. This was a great event and worth every penny.

TLF : Uti Rogas. This is exactly the sort of thing we should be using our budget for.

CMM : Uti Rogas.

MMA : Uti Rogas. This was the first event as the Roman Market Days in Wells, Maine. Many things were learned about how to put on a Roman Event, and I have been most pleased to discuss the event in detailed reports to NR. I am sure that these many lessons learned will be applied in following events, as the Event Coordinator's have been extremely diligent in requesting ideas from all NR Citizens who took the time to contribute such. I have great hopes for the 2003 "Roman Market Days" Event, and I fully trust the organizers of this event to make the changes necessary to make next year's event even more effective and more financially stable in the myriad of decisions that have to be made to put such a show on, and to make it the first time success that was achieved, as few other such events have been able to match.

MOG : Uti Rogas. I consider this money extremely well spent, and commend the Senators and Citizens involved for a successful event.

LSAO: Uti Rogas.

ATMC: Uti Rogas. This should be done as Nova Britannia certainly get us good exposure, and they go to a lot of effort to put this on. Well done to all those contributing to Roman Days.


Marcus Arminius Maior, Tribunus Plebis

9 Nov 2002

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