Session XXI 14 June 2753

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This is a report of a session of the Nova Roma Senate of a.d. XVIII Kal. Quin. , Q. Maximo M. Minucio cos. MMDCCLIII a.u.c..

SENATUS CONSULTUM de provincialibus rationibus pecuniae
(on the provincial budgets)

June 14, 2000

The Senate of Nova Roma declares that all propraetores of Nova Roma must submit to the Senate budgets for their provinces for the year 2754 AUC by the Kalends of November 2753 AUC (November 1st, 2000).

These budgets should contain the following items:

  • Anticipated revenue from the province
  • Description of fundraising activities planned
  • Anticipated expenses within the province
  • Description of provincial activities necessitating expenditure;

The Senate reserves the right to allocate portions of provincial surpluses to the central treasury, or to grant subsidies from the central treasury to provinces

SENATUS CONSULTUM de assensione Sodalitatis "Egressus"
(NovaRoma Outreach Association)

June 14, 2000

This Senatus Consultum establishes the Sodalitas Egressus ("Outreach Sodalitas"), a summary of the mission and activities of which is presented below.


The Sodalitas (Association) shall:

.......dedicate itself to the promotion of NovaRoma worldwide in friendship to classical historical societies and other associations dedicated to the culture and history of Ancient Rome.

.......dedicate itself to the promotion, publicizing of events at which Nova Romani may personally associate with members of other organizations with a love of "All Things Roman"

.......dedicate itself to the promotion of opportunities for growth and appreciation of the culture, history and spiritualities of Ancient Rome.


The Sodalitas shall achieve its mission objectives by the following means:

.......letters of introduction to other organizations of like-mind on-line "current events" calendar, publicizing events sponsored by other organizations to which Nova Romani are welcome to attend, and further, publicizing any events sponsored by Nova Roma

.......providing periodic postings to The Eagle and to the Nova Roma Onelist

.......the establishment and maintenance of a Sodalitas Webpage


Membership to the Sodalitas is open to all members in good standing of Nova Roma.

There is no cost to join the Sodalitas.


Initially, the Sodalitas shall have two committees established:

I. The Outreach Committee: dedicated to activities related to promotion of friendship and association with like-minded organizations outside Nova Roma.

II. The Membership Committee: dedicated to the building of membership within the Sodalitas.


..........the PREFECTUS FABRUM shall be the optimus administrator of the Sodalitas. Further, he shall be the chairperson of the Outreach Committee.

..........the LEGATUS PRIMPILUS shall serve as advisor to the Prefectus Fabrum. Further, he shall serve as the Returning Officer during Sodalitas elections.

..........the LEGATUS FABRUM shall serve as advisor to all sodalitas members. Further, he shall serve as chairperson of the Membership Committee.

..........the PREFECTUS AERARII shall be the treasurer of the Sodalitas.

..........the SCRIPTOR shall serve as the corresponding secretary of the Sodalitas.

All officers will be elected. Their election and conduct will be as outlined in the articles of the Sodalitas Charter, available to senators upon their request.

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