Session XVII 12 August 2752

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This is a report of a session of the Nova Roma Senate of prid. Id. Sext. , L. Equitio Dec. Iunio cos. MMDCCLII a.u.c..

Senate action for 12 August 2752, as posted in the “old Tabularium”. This is posted in place of a Tribunes' report that has yet to be found.

Tiberius Galerius Paulinus, Censor, 9 August 2761 A.V.C.

1. Ratification of the actions of Fl. Vedius Germanicus, dictator

Passed (with exceptions as noted below) by majority vote on 8/12/99

I will now see a division of the Senate on the items presented to you and discussed these last four few days. Since you cannot physically walk to my left or right to indicate your vote, you will simply vote YES or NO beside each item presented. A YES vote indicates that you ratify and accept the item being voted on; a NO vote indicates that you do not ratify or accept the item being voted on:

  • 1. The Constitution (passed 8-1)
  • 2. The laws (passed 8-1)
  • 3. Edicta (passed 7-1-1 with one exception:)

"Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus, who has demonstrated a willingness to subvert and ignore the Constitution to achieve his desired ends, and as such represents a grave threat to the State, is hereby removed from membership in the Senate, his Citizenship is hereby revoked, and he is hereby banned from re-applying for Citizenship for a period of ten years."

  • 4. Decreta et senatus consultum (passed 8-1 with one exception:).

The Senatus Consultum Pecuniam.

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