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This is a report of a session of the Nova Roma Senate of Id. Quin. , K. Buteone T. Labieno cos. MMDCCLVI a.u.c..

Senate action for 15 July 2756 as posted in the “old Tabularium” Tiberius Galerius Paulinus, Censor 9 August 2761 A.V.C.

Tribunus Plebis Marcus Marcius Rex Quiritibus SPD

Senate Voting Results published on July 25th 2756.

The Senate has finished its latest session and the votes have been tallied as follows.

Formal debate began at 23.59 (17:59 EST ) Roman time, Tuesday 15 July. Voting began at 23.59 (17:59 EST ) Roman time Friday 18 July and ended at 23.59 (17:59 EST ) Roman time Sunday 20 July in accordance with the Senatus Consultum de ratione Senatus. A 48 hour voting time extension for the convenience of Senators was originally granted by the presiding magistrate Consul Caeso Fabius Quintilianus. The results published by the presiding magistrate at 0:05 Roman Time, Wednesday 23 July (18:05 EST, Tuesday 22 July) on the Senate list included all votes within the extended 96 hour time limit. It was later pointed out that the SC de ratione Senatus does not allow for such voting time extensions, which made all votes cast after the 48 - hour period technically illegal and therefore void. As enough votes were already cast within the legal 48-hour time frame all Senatus Consulta are nonetheless valid. The Tribunes, who failed to point out the illegality of the voting time extension at the time it was made, therefore suggest to the Censors to regard the late votes as excused in the light of the Lex Octavia Senatoria requiring minimum activity from Senators.

The following 13 Senators cast votes in time. They are referred to below by their initials, and are listed in alphabetical order by nomen:

Marcus Arminius Maior (MAM) Marcus Cassius Julianus (MCJ) Caeso Fabius Quintilianus (CFQ) Decius Iunius Palladius Invictus (DIPI) Alexander Iulius Caesar Probus Macedonicus (AICPM) Titus Labienus Fortunatus (TLF) Marcus Minucius Audens (MMA) proxy vote Marcus Octavius Germanicus (MOG) Lucius Pompeius Octavianus (LPO) Gnaeus Salix Astur (GSA) proxy vote Lucius Sergius Australicus Obstinatus (LSAO) Lucius Sicinius Drusus (LSD) Appius Tullius Marcellus Cato (ATMC)

The following Senators cast a vote, but their vote was received after voting had ended in accordance with the Senatus Consultum de ratione Senatus and therefore are not included in these results:

Patricia Cassia (PC) Lucius Cornelius Sulla (LCS) Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus (LEC) Quintus Fabius Maximus (QFM) Caius Flavius Diocletianus (CFD) Antonius Gryllus Graecus (AGG)

The following Senator did not cast a vote [and his absence was not announced or justified in line with the Senatus Consultum defining a quorum and the LEX OCTAVIA DE SENATORIBUS]:

Gaius Marius Merullus (CMM)

The necessary majority for a Senatus consultum was therefore 11 votes in favor. "UTI ROGAS" indicates a vote in favor of an item, "ANTIQUO" or "NEGAT" is a vote against, and "ABSTINEO" is an open abstention.

The Agenda items for consideration were as follows:

Item I (passed 13 in favor - 0 opposed)

Aedilian Fund

I have been asked by the two Curule Aediles to propose the following Senatus Consultum. The Curile Aediles of last year already founded a Temple fund. according to their tasks in the Constitution. This years Curule Aediles are convinced that they would like to formalize a new routine according to the proposal for a Senatus Consultum below.

This is a different text than the text that I have presented on the behalf of the Curule Aediles before and I have been told that this proposal is better "anchored" than the one before. I hereby ask the Senators to approve the following Senatus Consultum:

Senatus Consultum on an Aedilician Fund

I. An Aedilician Fund for donations in favour of the projects handled by the Aediles Curules is hereby established. This fund will be maintained as part of the Nova Roma bank account, rather than in a separate account, because of the following advantages:

a.The donors can be sure that their money is kept in a safe place and that it will not be kept by the magistrate. b.People can use money orders and the Nova Roma PayPal account to make donations in the same way as they pay taxes or make any other donation to Nova Roma. c.It will not be necessary to transfer funds to the country in which the current Aediles Curules live. d. U.S. residents will have the opportunity to deduct donations on their taxes. This wouldn't be possible if the bank account was outside USA.

II. The Aedilician Fund may be used only for those projects which have been previously approved by the Senate. As a consequence, it is responsibility of the Aediles Curules to submit to the Senate detailed proposals for approvation. A proposal shall include as a minimum:

a. detailed description of the project

b. amount of money needed

c. information on those people, authorities, institutions which will get the money.

No citizen can deposit funds directly into the Aedilician Fund without the Senate approving a project for which money can be donated.

III. Money contained in the Aedilician Fund can be used only for the purpose to which they have been expressely donated. As a consequence, there is no need for the Senate to vote their allocation, as it is the will of the donors that those funds be spent for specific projects as defined by the Aediles Curules and previously approved by the Senate itself.

IV. The Aedilician Fund is under the Aediles Curules' responsibility. A detailed record of all donations and their destinations will be kept by the Quaestores assigned to the Aediles Curules. The Curule Aedilician Quaestores will also provide the Consules with quarterly reports on the Aedilician Fund to be attached to the national budget of Nova Roma.

V. Donors who want to make a donation to the Aedilian Fund must: a. indicate that the donation is in favour of the Aedilian Fund b. specify the project those money are donated for.

Should the donor fail to meet these conditions the donation will be considered as in favour of the Nova Roma central Treasury.

I propose that the Senatus approve the proposed Senatus Consultum above as it is.

CFQ: UTI ROGAS GSA: UTI ROGAS MMA: UTI ROGAS LSA: UTI ROGAS MAM: Uti Rogas ATMC: UTI ROGAS LPO: Uti Rogas DIPI: Uti rogas AICPM: UTI ROGAS MOG: UTI ROGAS LSD: Uti Rogas MCJ: UTI ROGAS. This proposal was well thought out. It is in keeping with both Nova Roma's intended 'outside project' goals, and sound financial organization. TLF: UTI ROGAS

Item II (passed 13 in favor – 0 opposed)

The Governor of Provincia Hispania

Gnaeus Salix Galaicus has been proposed as Propraetor of Hispania since the previous Propraetor has left the province and moved to Mexico. Gnaeus Salix Galaicus has accepted the nomination of the Provincia.

I propose that the Senatus appoint Gnaeus Salix Galaicus as Propraetor of Provincia Hispania

CFQ: UTI ROGAS GSA: UTI ROGAS MMA: UTI ROGAS LSA: UTI ROGAS MAM: Uti Rogas ATMC: UTI ROGAS LPO: Uti Rogas DIPI: Uti rogas AICPM: UTI ROGAS MOG: UTI ROGAS LSD: Uti Rogas MCJ: UTI ROGAS. I believe Gnaeus Salix Galacius will do a fine job as provincial governor. TLF: UTI ROGAS

Item III (passed 13 in favor -0 opposed)

There is no reason for new citizens to pay the "Late tax payment fee" as they as new citizens never can be late during their first year as citizens. Because of this and a few citizens asking for exception from the "Late tax payment fee" I have decided to propose the following:

Senatus Consultum about "Late tax payment fee" for new citizens

New cives, shall not have to pay the "Late tax payment fee" in the calender year in which they join. This Senatus Consultum will become effective immediately.

I propose that the Senatus approve the above Senatus Consultum about "Late tax payment fee" for new citizens

CFQ: UTI ROGAS GSA: UTI ROGAS MMA: UTI ROGAS LSA: UTI ROGAS MAM: Uti Rogas ATMC: UTI ROGAS LPO: Uti Rogas DIPI: Uti rogas AICPM: UTI ROGAS MOG: UTI ROGAS LSD: Uti Rogas MCJ: This proposal should help encourage new Citizens to gain full rights by holding Assidui status. TLF: UTI ROGAS


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