Session XCII March 2763

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This is provisory page, still to be built, specially its table "Voting details by senator". Thanks for your understanding.

P. Memmius Albucius


Conv. mag. Call date Call msg Session beg. Session end Contio beg. Contio end Vote beg. Vote end Rep. tb Rep. nb msg
Cos PMA March 18, 2763 SL 16807 March 21, 14:00 March 29, sunset March 21, 15:00 March 27, 15:00 March 27, 16:30 March 29, 16:30 GPD ML 75262

Consult the text of the Call to order in the Consular convening edict of March 2763 auc session


On the 16 items presented in the agenda, the items IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII (please see the Tribune report whose link is available at the bottom of this page) were information points or matters which were presented just for the discussion of the Senate. Only the 8 items I, II, III, V a and b, XIV, XV, XVI, submitted to vote, are thus recorded in the tables below.

Five members have given proxies to two senators: GEM and KBFM to Princeps and consul CFBQ; CCS and MLA to Pr. MHM ; LSCF to sen. GIC

On the item Vb, 9 senators have not chosen either bewteen Equitius or Julia, considering that their abstention or opposition vote on the principle (item V) did not allow them to issue such a choice. For the account of the votes, they have been considered as abstaining.

Item nb. Item title Mand. SC Appr. of a pres. mag. prop. Nb of sen. Voters Non voters Quorum obt. 2/3 qual. maj. UR ABS ANT APPR
I Provinces – Definition and delineation – European provinces – Oblast Kaliningrad - amendment no yes 30 23 7 yes no 20 2 1 Passed
II Provinces – Definition and delineation – Oceania Asia and Latin America provinces no yes 30 23 7 yes no 19 3 1 Passed
III Emergency Disaster fund - deletion no yes 30 23 7 yes no 19 3 1 Passed
IV Aedilis curulis - appointment – senatus consultum ultimum no yes 30 23 7 yes no 10 2 11 Failed
V Aedilis curulis - if Va passes, GEC or LJA ? no yes 30 23 7 yes no 8 9 6 Failed - cf. Va
VI Budget 2763/2010 - detail no yes 30 23 7 yes no 12 2 9 Passed
VII Latinists – List update no yes 30 23 7 yes no 20 2 1 Passed
VIII Annual taxation no yes 30 23 7 yes no 12 2 9 Passed

Note : Seven senators did not vote or see their vote legally recorded: FAC, MCC, FGA, MIS, DIPI (vote recorded after the deadline), GMM, AMA.


Vote March 2763 per sen.jpg

Note :
1. The first column refers to the order in which the senators cast their vote ;
2. The abbreviation GEC or LJA designs both candidates to the office of aedilis curulis.
3. The column "SL nb" evokes the number of the message, in the Senatus Romanus Yahoo! list, currently hosting the Senate debate, in which the concerned senator has cast her/his vote.

Consult the text of the senatus consultum ultimum and the vote explanations and/or commentaries issued by every senator directly in the Tribune report of April 7, 2763, for this March 2763 auc session

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