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Presiding Magistrate

C. Cornelius Cethegus Barosus, Consul

The session was chaired by C. Cornelius Cethegus Barosus. The 'Call to Convene' was announced on a.d. V Id. Oct. .

Consular Auspices

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, pontifex, took the auspices for consul C. Cornelius Cethegus Barosus in his name, and they were favorable.

Consular Opening and Closing Ceremony

The Senate session was ritually opened by a sacrificial ceremony by consul C. Cornelius Cethegus Barosus. The session was closed with a ceremony by the consul C. Cornelius Cethegus Barosus.


The Senate of Nova Roma currently has 21 voting members which gives a minimum quorum of 14 voting members. With 20 senate members present and with 1 present through proxy, the QUORUM IS ACHIEVED.

Proxy - Gaius Petronius Dexter is on Leave - his Proxy is assigned to Sextus Lucilius Tutor - therefore, as per XI.J of the SENATUS CONSULTUM DE RATIONE SENATUS MMDCCLXV, he is deemed present.

The 21 voting members are (first those who are currently magistrates then in order of senate precedence):

A. Tullia Scholastica, senatrix censoria, princeps senatus
Q. Arrius Nauta, senator censorius, CONSUL
C. Cornelius Cethegus Barosus, senator praetorius, CONSUL
C. Petronius Stephanus Turpilianus, senator tribunicius, PRAETOR
P. Porcius Licinus, vir tribunicius, PRAETOR
Fl. Vedius Germanicus, senator censorius
Sex. Lucilius Tutor, senator censorius
P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus, senator censorius
M. Pompeius Caninus, senator consularis (RESIGNATION PENDING)
T. Domitius Draco, senator consularis
M. Aurelius Cotta Iovius, senator praetorius, AEDILIS CURULIS
M. Hortensia Maior Fabiana Faustina, senatrix praetoria TRIBUNA PLEBIS
D. Aurelius Ingeniarius, senator praetorius
C. Petronius Dexter, senator praetorius - ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE
C. Artorius Praeconinus, senator praetorius
M. Caecilius Metellus Tocaiensis, senator aedilicius, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS
A. Vitellius Celsus, senator aedilicius
A. Iulius Paterculus, senator aedilicius
Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, senator quaestorius, AEDILIS CURULIS
C. Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho, senator quaestorius, AEDILIS PLEBIS
Gallio Velius Marsallas, senator quaestorius

The following 3 tribuni plebis who are not senators themselves have the right to attend this meeting of the Senate and are invited to participate therein:

P. Aurelius Barbatus, vir privatus, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS
Ap. Curius Rullus, vir privatus, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS
Ti. Iulius Nerva, vir privatus, TRIBUNUS PLEBIS


2340 Rome Time (CET) a.d. V Id. Oct. 2776 AVC (11 October 2023) Call to convene.
2345 Rome Time (CET) a.d. V Id. Oct. 2776 AVC (11 October 2023) Call to order. Debate period commences.
2000 Rome Time (CET) a.d. IV Id. Oct. 2776 AVC (12 October 2023) Call to vote. Debate is allowed to continue during voting.
2000 Rome Time (CET) prid. Id. Oct. 2776 AVC (14 October 2023) End of vote. Call to close (around 23:00). Results announced, decrees published.


ITEM I Establishing a new colonia of Nova Roma, appointing the tresviri coloniae Aquincum deducendae Item for Vote
ITEM II Approving the Charter of the Sodalitas Barbarica Item for Vote

Proposal Results


Uti rogas / censeo / consentio = 13 = GCB, QAN, GCL, ATS, MACI, PACP, GVM, AIP, DAI, SLT, GPD, GPST, MHMFF

  • Comments:
DAI: It's great to see these being established. We need to do more to encourage physical groups.
AIP: Congratulations are due to the people of Aquincum for approaching this milestone in their community's development. The proposed plans seem quite realistic, as they have the involvement of numerous citizens and years of practice holding the type of event they plan to continue in the future.

Antiquo = TDD

  • Comments:
TDD: While I support and cheer the concept, I fervently protest naming it after a living Nova Roman. It reeks of monarchy. If that portion was sticking from their charter I would endorse it whole heartedly. A discussion group is one thing, but the official name of a city?

Abstineo = 0



Uti rogas / censeo / consentio = 14 = GCB, QAN, GCL, ATS, MACI, PACP, GVM, AIP, DAI, TDD, SLT, GPD, GPST, MHMFF

  • Comments:
TDD: I commend and encourage their efforts. As an addendum, I must protest yet another emergency vote with so little time for discussion. It seems everything is an emergency and last minute this year. October is half over. When are we calling for candidates for election?
DAI: Highly functional group worthy of formal recognition.
AIP: I actually was the lone vote against the proposed charter within the Sodalitas: linking the moderation policy to that of Discord seemed to me to be a potential mistake, since we don't know how their policies may change in the future and the major forum is on Still, the charter allows itself to be amended easily in the hopefully unlikely event that this or anything else becomes an issue. This group has been active and has a lot of potential for the future. We should approve it.

Antiquo = 0

Abstineo = 0


Session Results

Item nb. Item title
I Senatus consultum de colonia Aquincum deducenda
II Senatus consultum de sodalitate Barbarica approbanda
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