Session LXXXXI April 2763

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This is provisory page, still to be built, specially its table "Voting details by senator". Thanks for your understanding.

P. Memmius Albucius


Conv. mag. Call date Call msg Session beg. Session end Contio beg. Contio end Vote beg. Vote end Rep. tb Rep. nb msg
Cos CFBQ Apr. 23-24-27, 2763 April 23, 2763

April 24, 2763 April 27, 2763

SL 16895-896-907 April 24, 06:00 May 07, 18:00 April 24, 06:00 April 30, 24:00 May 03, 06:00 May 07, 18:00 MVM ML 75825 (1)

(1): After Cos. PMA's veto, some among the tribunes tried to invoke a right throwing intercession against the consul maior's veto. Consul Memmius argued that a tribune of the Plebs, if (s)he is allowed to veto a senatus consultum, is not authorized to veto a yet vetoed decision. Contrary to what Valeria declares in her report, Cos. Albucius never withdrew his veto.
Even if the present episod is not the only cause of their resignation, Valeria tribune and Eq. Iunia Laeca, who was proposed by Cos. Fabius Buteo to assume a new term of CFO, both resigned from Nova Roma three months after, in August 2763 (8th for EIL and 13th for MVM).

Consult the text of the Call to order in the :
Consular convening edict of March 2763 auc session
Consular convening edict of March 2763 auc session
Consular convening edict of March 2763 auc session


One member has given a proxy to another senators: LSCF to GIC

The item II was adopted, but immediately [1] vetoed by Cos. Memmius. The item thus did not receive any application.

Item nb. Item title Mand. SC Appr. of a pres. mag. prop. Nb of sen. Voters Non voters Quorum obt. 2/3 qual. maj. UR ABS ANT APPR
Ia Displaying an advertising in our Forum romanum to try to find, among Nova Roma's members, an interesting and cheap option for the IT programming work no yes 30 21 9 yes no 21 0 0 YES
Ib Finding an outside contractor to manage the IT programming work no yes 30 21 9 yes no 0 5 16 NO
II Equestria Iunia Laeca is appointed as Nova Roma Inc.

C.F.O. from May 8 to Sep. 30, 2763.

no yes 30 21 9 yes no 19 2 0 YES but VETOED by cos. PMA

Note : Nine senators did not vote : FAC, MCC, ECF, FGA, MIS, DIPI, GMM, AMA, GVA


Vote April 2763 per sen.jpg

Note :
1. The first column refers to the order in which the senators cast their vote ;
2. The column "SL nb" evokes the number of the message, in the Senatus Romanus Yahoo! list, currently hosting the Senate debate, in which the concerned senator has cast her/his vote.

Consult the text of the senatus consultum ultimum and the vote explanations and/or commentaries issued by every senator directly in the Tribune report of May xx, 2763, for this session of April 2763 auc. Care however to read the tribunician's commentaries, here biaised, at the light of Consul Memmius' position and the above explanations.

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