Session LXXXXIV August 2763

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This is provisory page, still to be built, specially its table "Voting details by senator". Thanks for your understanding.

P. Memmius Albucius


Conv. mag. Call date Call msg Session beg. Session end Contio beg. Contio end Vote beg. Vote end Rep. tb Rep. nb msg
Cos PMA July 22, 2763 SL 17242 July 26, 14:00 Aug 1, 18:00 July 26, 15:00 July 30, 15:00 July 30, 15:30 Aug 1, 16:30 GPD ML 76477

Consult the text of the Call to order in the :
Consular convening edict of August 2763 auc
. The Senate of Nova Roma has sat, as usual, but more specially here on regard of the evoked points, as Board of Nova Roma Inc..


No member has given a proxy to another senator

Item nb. Item title Mand. SC Appr. of a pres. mag. prop. Nb of sen. Voters Non voters Quorum obt. 2/3 qual. maj. UR ABS ANT APPR
I SCU on the appointment of two praetors no yes 30 11 19 yes no 10 1 0 YES but VETOED by cos. CFBQ (2)
II SCU on electoral tools no yes 30 11 19 yes no 10 0 1 YES

Note :

  • (1) xxx senators on twenty-one did not vote : xx, xx, xx, xx, xx.
  • (2) As every veto, Cos. Fabius Buteo's one does not delete the vetoed act (here a senatus consultum), but just deprives it of its applicability, and, therefore, or any legal force.


File:Vote August 2763 per sen.jpg

Note :
1. The first column refers to the order of seniority of the senators ;
2. This table contains only the abbreviated names of the senators who were allowed to vote (xx senators on July 26 minus xx resignations (xx and xx) : thus xx senators);
3. In blue, the last confirmations of vote, during the tally. In red, the vote "against". If a cell contains two mentions, it means that a director has changed his/her vote ;
4. The number of each item (see in the head of the columns) refers to the order of the presentation during the session. The missing numbers had been given to items which were not provided for the vote (information...). These numbers have been re-numbered in I, II... to VII (see above).

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