Senatus consultum on the position of CFO (Nova Roma)

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1. By this Senatus consultum, the Senate hereby defines the position of Chief Financial Officer (herein designated as " CFO"). An individual shall be appointed to the position of CFO by Senatus consultum, passing by simple majority, for a term of thirty-six months.

2. An individual appointed to, and accepting of, the position of CFO, shall be given access to all financial data and accounts, including but not limited to the deposit, credit, and brokerage accounts of the corporation and its associated entities, and all access methods thereto, as well as the surface mail directed to Nova Roma, Inc.

3. The CFO shall report directly to the co-presidents of Nova Roma, or in their absence, the co-vice presidents, and through them, to the Board of Directors.

4. The CFO shall have the ability to appoint and dismiss assistants as it sees fit, not to exceed four individuals, who shall be treated as under direct appointment by the Board of Directors. For their service, these individuals shall receive an amount of century points equal to those of regularly appointed scribae.

5. An incoming CFO shall be appointed to a term so as to overlap that of an outgoing CFO by three months, during which time the incoming CFO shall co-operate with the outgoing CFO to ensure smooth transition of necessary access to records and operations as outlined elsewhere in this and relevant consulta. An incoming CFO, during this three-month period, shall also assess the financial status and performance of the corporation and report the same to the Board of Directors, and complete and analysis of the financial results of the corporation and develop recommendations for future measures.

6. In the event of a vacancy in the position of CFO, the consuls shall have the authority to appoint, from the appointed assistants to the previous CFO, a CFO "pro tempore", for a term to last no longer than six months from the date of appointment. By the end of that time, the Board of Directors must appoint a new CFO, to serve the remainder of the previous incomplete term, or if less than six months remain of that term, to start a new term.

7. The CFO shall have overall responsibility for the financial data of Nova Roma and its associated entities, and shall oversee all financial operations of the organization, including, but not limited to: those undertaken by those individuals elected by the comitia, those undertaken by the provinciae and their subsidiaries, those undertaken by the sodalitates, and those undertaken by the sacerdotes publici as appointed by the Senate, Collegium Pontificum, or other body so empowered.

8. The CFO shall be responsible for the development and recommendation of financial protocols to ensure proper compliance with laws and regulations, both inside and outside Nova Roma, shall be responsible for the monitoring of internal financial controls and procedures, and shall produce financial reports to be provided to the Board of Directors at such frequency as required by Nova Roman law.

9. The CFO shall maintain financial oversight of all accounting practices, budget and cash management, oversight of debt financing, and shall undertake those administrative tasks related to maintaining the financial welfare of the corporation.

10. The CFO shall also oversee budgetary planning, make recommendations for budgetary measures, represent the organization to the financial community, work with the officers and other elected and appointed individuals to ensure operational success and compliance, minimize potential risks to the organization, and oversee business insurance plans.

11. The CFO shall have sole responsibility for the maintenance of the official post box for Nova Roma Inc. and shall locate it where is most convenient to do so. The Senate approves the annual, or otherwise as required periodic, expenditure of such funds as are necessary to keep and maintain this post box. This post box shall be the only one specified on the Nova Roma website / wiki as a direct mailing point of contact for Nova Roma.

12. The Senate of Nova hereby appoints Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix as CFO of Nova Roma, Inc

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