Senatus consultum on the creation of an Information Technology Task Force (Nova Roma)

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I. The Senate authorizes the creation of an Information Technology Task Force (ITTF).

II. The mandate of the ITTF, which it is authorized to execute to completion, shall be:

1. The recovery of full control over the user identity log in codes and passwords for all aspects of the Nova Roman website, web page and Wiki, including, but not limited to, the Censorial database tools and cista.
2. The recovery of full control over the Nova Roman Internet domain name and to take steps after such recovery to insure that the domain name, as well as any associated service marks, are registered under the legal name of the corporation and not to any individual member or official of Nova Roma.
3. The relocation of the Nova Roman domain to a USA based server and web host. Such a relocation must seek the most competitive dollar rate possible for the maximum amount of upload and download bandwidth, whilst providing the necessary level of technical and software support services.
4. Any necessary repairs and updates to the Nova Roman Wiki.
5. Any other information technology based issue that is identified within the existing software of the web page, Wiki and censorial database and cista, together with an evaluation of the CMS or other non-wiki web platforms.
6. The backup to a storage medium of all messages on the Nova Roman forum (aka “The Main List), all Senate lists and the censorial database.
7. A full and comprehensive investigation of the state of the current Nova Roman cista (as distinct from the cista) and censorial database and tools to establish whether all or any of this software needs to be:
a. Repaired or altered to conform with any actual or likely security requirements of a USA based server and web host, and whether any such repair or alteration is likely to be an acceptable risk and/or cost based on:
i. The degree of complexity involved to the integrity of the applications and data and the assessed danger from any such repair or alteration.
ii. The length of time necessary to undertake such repairs or alterations.
iii. The cost of such repairs or alterations set against the likely remaining effective lifespan of the applications and the likelihood and frequency of predicted or identified future repairs and alterations.
b. Replaced due to the analysis of risk and/or cost at II.7.a
8. A full and comprehensive investigation of alternative applications in respect of any application identified by the process at II.7.b and to estimate the dollar cost of such alternatives and to:
a. Report to the Senate the estimate if it is not revenue neutral expenditure and seek authority for the purchase and deployment of such alternative applications.
b. Initiate the immediate design and testing of such applications only if it is revenue neutral expenditure. Upon successful conclusion of such design and testing the ITTF will take the necessary steps for the immediate deployment and use of such alternative applications.

III. The ITTF shall be a committee of the Senate chaired by the consul Gnaeus Iulius Caesar, who is authorized to appoint such persons of his choosing to the committee. Such persons need not be members of the Senate and should have a required degree of technical skills and ability, with a relevant background.

IV. The ITTF shall deliver, through the chair Gnaeus Iulius Caesar, a report to the Senate list every four months commencing from the date of enactment of this Senatus consultum, until such time as its mandate is completed.

V. Upon completion of its mandate the ITTF shall be dissolved

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