Senatus consultum on the appointment of Curule Aedile (Nova Roma)

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I. In recognition of the forthcoming ludi that need to be celebrated, and due to only two candidates having stood for those magistracies for the year 2764 A.U.C and there being, as a result, no unsuccessful candidates to draw from, and due to the constitutional provision for dealing with a mid-term vacancy not applying, and due to the absence of candidates offering themselves for election as Curule aedile for this year, and as there is no legal impediment or prohibition to prevent this, the Senate appoints Gaia Maria Caeca as Curule aedile to serve out the remainder of this year, 2765 A.U.C., in that position.

II. Gaia Maria Caeca shall have all the honors, powers, and obligations of Curule aedile as at IV.A.4 of the Constitution of Nova Roma, as though she had been elected to this position.

III. Gaia Maria Caeca shall be required to take the oath of office as required by the lex Iunia de iusiurando

IV. In accordance with III.A.1 of the Constitution of Nova Roma Gaia Maria Caeca will require the comitia curiata to witness her appointment before she can exercise the rights and powers of imperium.

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