Senatus consultum on appointment of Pontifices

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This senatus consultum was proposed a.d. VII Id. Sex. , Fl. Vedio M. Cassio cos. MMDCCLI a.u.c..

Senatus Consultum XX: Appointment of Pontifices

(Proposed by Marcus Cassius Julianus 8/7/98. No voting deadline. Approved without dissenting votes 8/8/98.)

As Flavius Vedius Germanicus has posted to the mailing list calling for applications for official Priesthoods, it's necessary that Nova Roma now establish the Pontificial College so that the new applications may be organized and overseen.

The Constitution makes provision for a total of fifteen Pontifexes. Obviously we have no need for that sort of number as yet. However, we should attempt to contact those pagan Citizens that seem to have the greatest knowledge of Religio Romana, and who have been practicing for the longest amount of time.

So far, I propose the following people for Pontifex positions:

   * Decius Iunius Palladius
   * Marcus Cassius Julianus (yup, me)
   * Flavius Vedius Germanicus
   * Quinta Claudia Lucentia Aprica (Our "praetor" of Britain)
   * Marcus Gladius Saevus

If we agree that this is the time to form the Pontificial College, and approve these candidates for initial contact, we'll then have to see if they're interested in holding the position. Obviously, the first three are pretty easy. I'm certainly willing to fill a Pontifex spot in the Collegia. Germanicus? Decius Iunius?

If everyone is comfortable with the last two candidates, I'll contact them unless someone else wants to. Any one have any thoughts? Other candidates? There's always a possibility that someone replying to Germanicu's priesthood call may also be impressively qualified...

In any case, now's the time to discuss the subject, and vote on these folks.
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